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Zebuxoruk is neither evil nor good. Legends place him as evil and other legends untold place him on the side of good. To the other deities, they ALL dislike him or simply couldn't care less.

Zebuxoruk was at some time in the form of mortal man and trod upon the surface of Norrath after escaping the Plane of Justice or the Void. Mortality was either something forced upon him or something he may have wished for. Zebuxoruk is known as the Forsaken One, The Disgraced and other such names among the pantheon of deities and heroes of the Outer Planes of Influence.

There is said to be a hidden city on Norrath that honors, not worships, the 'Ungod', Zebuxoruk. Something not even he truly cares for. This city has knowledge of his history both true and false and the community is mostly comprised of fallen priests, shadowknights, paladins, and any who have been forsaken by their deities and either seek a pathway back or seek true neutrality among the planes, and the understanding that the deities are more mortal than they think.

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Zebuxoruk EQ Lore

Zebuxoruk and references to him appear in multiple places within the world of EQ1 which provide a bit of lore concerning his history before and after his imprisonment in the Plane of Time. Some of these are collected here in the interest of collecting the little lore that exists about Zebuxoruk in game.

Zebuxoruk & Venril Sathir

While the story of Venril Sathir finding the magical book called "The Unholy Writ of War" and using its knowledge to build the Sebilisian empire is fairly well known, the origin of the strange book was a mystery for many years. The monster mission called Zebuxoruk's Pact given by the Spirit of Kotiz (namesake of the Iksar necromancers guild) found in the Emerald Jungle finally shed light on the origins of the book and revealed Zebuxoruk's involvement in this chapter of Kunark history, the quest text is presented here:

''You say, 'I offer you vengeance.'

Spirit of Kotiz says 'Indeed, that is something I seek. Many years ago, I found myself conversing in secret with Zebuxoruk. He had offered to me his journal of war, known simply as the Unholy Book of Zebuxoruk. Inside, he had promised battle strategies and magic's unknown to the Norrath as we knew it. I had come so close..'

You say, 'So close?'

Spirit of Kotiz says 'What happened? Ahh.. Yes, I had completed the pact with Zebuxoruk. Fifty sacrifices. Fifty sacrifices is all he required for the book to be mine. I was moments from grasping the book with my own hands before that wretched Sathir showed his face. He took the book from me, struck me down and left my rotting corpse deep within that wretched place.'

You say, 'What wretched place?'

Spirit of Kotiz says 'What wretched place? Kaesora, of course. Venril was his name, I believe. A young and powerful warrior-mage of the Kunzar tribe. He sought to decipher the unspeakable magic coded within Zebuxoruk's ancient book. You just may be worthy to go back and face Venril once more.' ''

Zebuxoruk in SoD

The most recent and by far most informative appearance of Zebuxoruk lore wise is of course his appearance in the various incarnations of the Void zone as you progress through the Seeds of Destruction expansion in EQ. Here Zeb offers quite a bit of lore information if you take the time to speak with him as you progress to each version of the Void. He will speak of the reasons for his imprisonment in the Plane of Time, other gods and the powers of discord. All of his dialog is posted in the Seeds of Destruction progression guide.

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