The The Silver Reaper
EverQuest II
This God has not yet returned to Norrath.
Very few beings know of The Silver Reaper, associated with the gray moon seen from Norrath on all nights - Drinal.

This moon was named after the spirit deity of night, destruction, and death by a humanoid tribe of nomads before the era of great cities and civilizations. Drinal, although representing that which is dark, is a neutral deity who represents the necessary end of the cycle of life. He does not maintain his watch over death out of malevolence, but out of the necessity for it to occur in order to fulfill the cycle of life. His Lujien followers personify Drinal as an upright white wolf whose paws, tail, and maw are midnight black.

It is said that Drinal wields a silver sickle, the symbol of the crescent moon that is most sacred to Drinal and his bestial worshippers. [1]

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