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Legends of Norrath
Except for The Tribunal, the Gods play no direct, active role within this game.

The Plane of Justice is ruled by a council of six beings known as the Tribunal.

The members of the Tribunal wear dark, hooded cloaks and masks and each carries a large warhammer. The plane itself is inhabited only by beings imprisoned here by the Tribunal for crimes against the universe and by the golems the Tribunal has constructed to serve as guards. They are allied with no one, enemies with no one. [1]

The Tribunal has existed for as long as there has been a semblance of order in the world. They remain neutral in almost every conflict, meting out justice as fairly as they can, without prejudice. Legends speak of a "Seventh Hammer," a powerful being who acts as The Tribunal's messenger and bailiff.

It is impossible to bribe the Tribunal to influence a verdict or sentence, but they are not immune to deception. True justice being their charge, they are not loathe to reverse a decision based on new and compelling evidence. They have also been known to grant leniency of even freedom to prisoners who have proven worthy.

A fundamental concept behind the justice of the Tribunal is cultural relativity. While a High Elf of Tunare may be condemned for practicing necromancy, a gnoll may be accused by his clan of excessive leniency towards prisoners. Sending someone before the Tribunal is usually reserved for serious crimes, as it can mean a virtual eternity of imprisonment and suffering. However, the definition of "serious crimes" can vary widely among societies. Some acts aimed against the gods themselves are considered under a broader scope, but The Tribunal looks primarily at the rules of particular civilizations. [2]

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EverQuest II

Profession of Faith Series

  1. The Tablets of Judicare Septem (20) - Humble Altar
  2. True and False (35)
  3. Key Evidence (55) - Pet
  4. Trial of the Gatekeeper (65 Heroic) - Altar
  5. The Jury (70 Heroic) - Cloak


Blessing Name Favor Description
Unquestioned Oath 750 Increases AGI, STA, WIS, INT, STR by 52.
Virtue of the Six 875 Improves reuse speed (combat) by 10%, reduces cast time by 12.5%.
Inquiry 1000 When target is damaged increases AOE threat by 10%, increase hate gain by 26%.
Law and Order 1125 Increases in-combat health regeneration per tick of caster by 307. Increases mitigation vs. all physical damage by 406.
Scales of Justice 1250 20% of all damage received is converted into health.


Miracle Name Favor Description
Perjury 1125 Converts 30% of all damage received into power damage.
Vigilante Justice 1312 Increases damage per second of caster by 40. Casts Word of the Tribunal, inflicting 124 divine damage.
Word of the Magistrate 1500 When target is damaged in melee combat will cast Word of the Tribunal, inflicting 124 divine damage. Increases hate to 100%, increase mitigation versus magic damage by 1352.
Hammer of Justice 1687 Summons a limited pet aid.
Final Judgment 1875 Applies final judgment immunity, lasts for 30 seconds. Inflicts magic damage to target equal to 50% of the health of the caster -- damage cannot exceed more than 50% of target's total health. Must be hated by current target.

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