The Rathe  

The Rathe
The Council
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This God has not yet returned to Norrath.

The Rathe is a council of twelve beings that rule over the Plane of Earth. Each member of the Council maintains an identical presence of grass-green hair and earthen skin with veins of gold and turquoise.

The Council is an extension of the plane itself. Thus, if one member is cut down another will shortly rise to take its place. The Council of Earth is the only power of the Planes of Order to have looked down upon the material realm with interest, but remain truly neutral in their dealings with the lesser pantheon. [1]

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The Rathe are a council of twelve individuals, but a single collective consciousness and unified purpose in their embodiment of the pure element of earth. They rule over the Plane of Earth also known as Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands and rest high above the rest of the Plane of Earth in Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve on pillars extending from a pool of living moss below them. In temperament, thought and expression, they are emotionless, and well beyond the comprehension of mortal understanding. They show no trace of personality recognizable or comparable to those of the other gods, or of mortal beings.

Separated from the regular population of the realm these majestic beings made of the living earth stand guard to any and all intruders that dare to defile their Plane. Much like the beings that inhabitant their realm, the Rathe Council is an extension of Earth itself as they all maintain an identical presence of grass-green hair and earthen skin with veins of gold and turquoise.

Truly neutral in their views, The Rathe governs their plane and its influence upon the prime without judgment bias, or even regard for the affairs of mortals. However, when their patience is tried of their wrath is invoked by daring mortals who seek to assault their being. The Rathe are a force not to be taken lightly; their modes of vengeance are swift in execution and without remorse.

Source: EQ Website (Fabled PoP Lore- Pt 21)

Background Story

Centuries ago a great ogre hero named Murdunk decided that an assault should be commenced upon the Rathe and the plane that they call home. A great battle in the Plane of Earth ensued and many guardians of earth perished along with numerous members of Murdunk's Rallosian army. The army was made up of countless orc, goblin and giant champions.

But this army and invasion was destined to fail because of the regenerating ability that the Rathe Council, the Order of Twelve, possessed. As countless members of the Rallosian Army fell, few members of the Rathe council had been defeated when the final battle took place. With the ability to call another member of the Rathe council to duty as soon as a member was slain, the Rathe council had a great advantage and although many of their guardians had been defeated, the Rathe emerged victorious.

News quickly spread of this great battle won by the Rathe and the Plane of Earth. Obviously disgruntled by the fact that they were defeated, Rallos Zek decided he would lead his own army into the Plane of Earth for a monumental battle. Although he was extremely disappointed with the failure that occurred before, Rallos decided to allow Murdunk to accompany his horde in this second assault simply because of the knowledge that Murdunk had acquired in his battles on the great plane.

After building a massive army, Rallos decided that the time for an attack was now, so he sent his finest war generals to accompany Murdunk on his journey back into the Plane of Earth. Also on hand were the highest ranking officials in the Rallosian army, Tallon Zek and Vallon Zek, master tacticians and proven war heroes.

The battle in Plane of Earth was like no other in history and left the plane scarred from war forever. It is said that the skies themselves shook from the battles that took place in that war. Ogre legends claim that each of the thirteen peaks in the Rathe Mountains represent the war and the death of the thirteenth Rathe Council member by Murdunk's hand. Lake Rathetear is also said to be formed from the tears of the Rathe Council as they were beaten by Murdunk and his army.

As a result of his insolence, Rallos Zek was cast out of the Planes of Power and back into the Planes of Influence. And once the information was passed onto the gods of one god's desire to rule another's plane, the Planes of Power were sealed by a mystical barrier and destined to never again be opened by any lesser god or creature.

Source: EQ Website (Fabled PoP Lore- Pt 22)

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