Fennin Ro  

Fennin Ro
The Tyrant of Fire
EverQuest II
This God has not yet returned to Norrath.

Fennin Ro is the being who rules the greater elemental Plane of Fire, from which he derives his title, the Tyrant of Fire. Fennin manifests himself as a large male humanoid with barbaric features including a beard of flame, glowing red eyes, pointed ears, and fangs.

Although he has been known to be a fanatic in terms of preserving the element of fire, displaying a short temper toward that preservation and any who would dare to threaten it, Fennin Ro retains a strong influence on the wheel of Order and Discord. [1]

Ruler of the Plane of Fire, Doomfire, the Burning Lands, Fennin Ro manifests himself as a large, bestial creature of immense, frightful power. Large wings of fire and magma sprout from his broad back, covered in an exoskeleton of obsidian plating lined with magma. He is respected among his peers for his intelligence nd hid fanaticism in preserving his plane, however, when he vents his fury, he is feared by even his fellow greater gods of the elements.

Fennin Ro retains a strong influence on the Wheel of Order and Discord. Of all the greater powers, he has shown the highest interest in the lesser beings of influence and Nature, though his attentions to them have not yet proven to extend far behind the creation of his son, Solusek Ro, who governs the Plane of Sun and Flame. [2]

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