Mithaniel Marr  

Mithaniel Marr
The Truthbringer
God of Valor
HomePlane of Valor
BestiaryLord Mithaniel Marr
Level77 Raid Encounter
EverQuest II
ProphetSir Bayden Cauldthorn in Greater Faydark at 167, 111, 96
PetValiant Beast
CloakCloak of Valor
AvatarAvatar of Valor
(removed with GU55)
Legends of Norrath
Except for The Tribunal, the Gods play no direct, active role within this game.

Mithaniel Marr, the Truthbringer, governs the Plane of Valor.

Mithaniel is the ultimate paladin who wears a full suit of shining silver plate armor and wields a glowing longsword. Mithaniel Marr, who owes his existence to Tarew Marr, leader of the Triumvirate of Water, is brother to Erollisi Marr and allied with Karana. He counts Innoruuk, Cazic-Thule, and Bertoxxulous among his enemies. He has a friendly rivalry with Solusek Ro. [1]

Twin to Erollisi Marr, he is responsible for the Origin of the Barbarians and Frogloks with his sister in the Age of Monuments.

The Followers of Mithaniel Marr believe that valor is what separates civilized beings from beasts. His followers live by a strict moral code that prizes truth, honor, and charity. They are champions of the downtrodden and the most noble of warriors. His followers strive to rid Norrath of all things dark and evil, often sacrificing themselves in this never ending quest. They will not rest until the day when all of Norrath is cleansed in Mithaniel's light. They take themselves and their duty very seriously, and have little patience for mischief or mayhem. Many paladins are devout servants of Mithaniel Marr.

Towering above most mortal men in all manner of being - stature, morality, valor, honor, and battle - the presence of one known as the Truthbringer is an awesome thing to behold. Mithaniel Marr is the pure, untainted embodiment of all that is good and just within the hearts of the greatest of mortal heroes and deeds. He embodies selfless dedication and sacrifice, and the urge to combat all that is unjust, cruel, and tainted. His followers strive with every fiber of their being and existence to uphold these virtues. he corporeal manifestation of Mithaniel Marr's consciousness is a vision so pure that any mortal conception of perfection would most likely be grotesques in comparison. His armor is flawless and shines so brightly that it is almost unbearable to gaze directly upon it. Locks of golden hair drape down from his helm, which protects the suspected beauty of the face behind it. His blade is one of unrivaled craftsmanship of simple, piercing beauty and infinite precision.

The divine realm that he governs, the Plane of Valor reflects his purity and the ideals of valor and honor. An almost unbearable perfection and beauty is seen in every corner of the realm, as only worthy heroes of self-sacrifice shall walk with The Truthbringer through these halls of ivory, gold and silver.

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EverQuest II

Profession of Faith series

  1. Building an Altar of Valor (20) - Humble Altar
  2. Beacon of Courage (35) - Item
  3. Eternal Rivalries (50) - Pet
  4. A Deeper History of the Truthbringer (65) - Altar
  5. Trials of the Truthbringer (70) - Cloak


Blessing Name Favor Description
Valor of Marr 750 Increase parry and damage proc
Glorious Steed 875 Summon Mount (55% speed), parry increase and dps buff
Pious Patience 1000 25% increase for all Divine Healing spells but 15% longer cast
Marr's Perseverance 1125 Increase max health (500)
Mark of Mithaniel 1250 Damage interception


Miracle Name Favor Description
Truthbringer 1125 Buff (wis, hate gain, melee crit, dps)
Sacrifice of Marr 1312 Heal (75% of max health) and damage shield
Honor's Call 1500 Summon pet, group heal and aoe stun
Valorous Service 1687 Ward (5000), intercept and group heal
Marr's Barrier 1875 Damage shield (self) 10 times

  1. ^ EQLive Library


EverQuest II

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