The Mother of All
Goddess of Growth
HomePlane of Growth
Level66 Raid Encounter
EverQuest II
ProphetKurista in Greater Faydark at 44, 93, 78
PetFriend of Growth
CloakIvy-Shroud of Tunare
AvatarAvatar of Growth
(removed with GU55)
Legends of Norrath
Except for The Tribunal, the Gods play no direct, active role within this game.

Allied with Karana, Erollisi Marr and Rodcet Nife, and enemies with Bertoxxulous, Tunare, the Mother of All, rules the Plane of Growth.

Tunare appears as a very attractive older humanoid female wearing flowing robes and a crown of vines and leaves. Tunare is very protective of what she considers to be one of Her finest achievements, the good elf races of Norrath. As part of an agreement with Brell Serilis and Prexus and in response to the arrogance of Veeshan in claiming Norrath for her own, Tunare created the High Elves and the Wood Elves of Norrath. [1]

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EverQuest II

Profession of Faith

  1. A Time of Growth (20) - Humble Altar
  2. Those Who Were Lost (35) - Item
  3. Imperiled Druid Ring (50) - Pet
  4. The Priestess of Lesser Faydark (65 Heroic) - Altar
  5. Faith (70 Heroic) - Cloak


Blessing Name Favor Description
Nature's Caress 750 Improves all Healing spells
Earthmother's Aegis 875 Reactive Heal vs Spells, plus a Mitigation buff
Forest Spirit 1000 Pet Summon, plus a Group Reactive Heal
Trueshot 1125 Improves Ranged Skill and Crit Chance, plus summons ammo
Tunare's Behest 1250 Summons a pet


Miracle Name Favor Description
Life's Restoration 1125 Deals Heat damage to Undead
Blessing of Tunare 1312 Improves all Healing spells
Grove's Entanglement 1500 AE root, stifle, snare and Mitigation debuff
Growth's Replenishment 1687 Group Heal Over Time
Tunare's Lifeshield 1875 Mirrors spells and wards vs. physical damage

Legends of Norrath

Although Tunare is not a card in LoN at this time, there are several cards that refer to her in name or effects.

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EverQuest II

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