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Solusek Ro
The Burning Prince
God of Sun
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BestiarySolusek Ro
Level80 Raid Encounter
EverQuest II
ProphetCivean Il'Pernod in Butcherblock Mountains at 321, 188, 493 Click here to go to EQ2Map
PetMinion of Ro
CloakCloak of the Burning Prince
AvatarAvatar of Flame
(removed with GU55)
Legends of Norrath
Except for The Tribunal, the Gods play no direct, active role within this game.

The Plane of Sun is ruled by Solusek Ro, the Burning Prince. His father, Fennin Ro is the Tyrant of Fire who rules the greater elemental Plane of Fire, from which the Plane of Sun derives its power.

Solusek wears a suit of golden ringmail and a crown of flame and wields a spear of fire. He is allied with no one, enemies with no one. He has a friendly rivalry with Mithaniel Marr. [1]

The last curse of the gods came from Solusek Ro in the Age of Blood. The Lord of Flame arched the spine of the Serpent Mountains, bringing heat from the burning sun to the ancient forest. The rivers ran dry, it rained less each year, and while the great elven druids fought long and hard, using their powerful magics to combat the change, they could only delay the inevitable. Slowly the forest gave way to desert, and eventually even great Takish-Hiz crumbled and the elves were forced to flee Tunaria, leaving much of their greatness behind. Thus began the Lost Age.

The Followers of Solusek Ro believe in the raw and unbridled power of fire. Fire birthed the world and in fire shall it be consumed. True aggressive action is the only way for one to obtain what is desired. Power is gained by superior force. Followers of Ro have little fear. They are bold and brash, and say what they mean, and do what they say. Social graces are something they neither possess nor desire. They demand the respect of their peers and more often than not, earn it as well. Those who seek true elemental power follow Solusek Ro, and thus many wizards turn to his burning embrace.

As the manifested consciousness of the sub-element of flame and the primal power of the sun, Solusek Ro is perhaps one of the best known divine presences, and holds a great influence upon the primal world of Norrath. His followers are those devoted to the acquisition of power; often used in destruction ways, but not intrinsically so. In this era, Solusek Ro has manifested himself as a male humanoid of great beauty. Within his hand, he carries the fabled Spear of Fire, a powerful artifact rumored to be forged of fire itself from within the realm of his own patron ruler, Fennin Ro. Solusek Ro is not a deity to be trifled with, for he is a true model for his followers; a being of immense, raw power. His mastery of flame is not to be underestimated, for it is a pure, primal element that manifests a power unlike anything encountered upon the primal worlds. [2]

Solusek Ro can be found in both The Tower of Solusek Ro and the Plane of Sun, Solteris in Everquest.

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EverQuest II

The Prophet of Solusek Ro, Civean Il'Pernod, can be found at the Highland Outposts at 321, 188, 493 .

Profession of Faith

  1. Ro's Flame (20) - Humble Altar
  2. Ro's Infernal Device (35 Heroic) - Item
  3. Ro's Vessel (50 Heroic) - Pet
  4. Ritual of the Flame's Purification (65 Heroic) - Altar
  5. The Avatar of Flame (75 Heroic) - Cloak


Blessing Name Favor Description
Servant of Flame 750 Summon an attacking pet imp
Solusek's Gift 875 Heat based spells are 50% harder for your enemies to resist
Blessing of Solusek 1000 Increases heat mitigation, and if you take heat damage, heals you
Ro's Fury 1125 On a successful hostile spell, inflicts extra heat damage on target
Inferno's Glory 1250 Damage of all heat-based spells is increased by 10% and the power cost decreased by 10%


Miracle Name Favor Description
Wrath of the Burning Prince 1125 Summons a pet imp to attack
Solusek's Soothing Scorch 1312 Successful hostile spell heals health and power
Spear of the Sun 1500 Summons an attacking pet that reduces the casting time, recast time, and power cost of heat-based spells.
Incinerate 1687 Inflicts massive heat damage on target if it is under 50% health
Sun Sphere 1875 Summons a limited pet that lasts for 24 seconds and does high damage

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  2. ^ Fabled Planes of Power Lore- Part 16


EverQuest II

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