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This Demi-Goddess has not yet returned to Norrath.
"Her betrayal of love was so great that she was embraced by the powers of Hate. Given new life among the stars, she now sits in the pantheon of Hate, forever renamed and never to be graced by Marr again." [1]

The only known shrines to Her exist in the City of the Forsaken, Zebuxor [2], and in the chapel of Nektropos Castle.

The statue was that of a commanding, yet comforting female knight.
Donned in the finest armor this visage stood atop the back of a knight.
Protruding from knight's back, a lance breached the armor of the dead.
My eyes slowly followed the length of the lance until it met the hands of the female knight.
I could sense a great betrayal as bound to this shrine. [3]

She manifested during the A Goddess Risen world event, but her name was spelled Ullkorruuk. She (as Annalisa Swornlove) tells us during Captive Heart:

Annalisa Swornlove says to you, "Bow before me, child! Ullkorruuk, Daughter of Hate, The Lady of Insurrection, stands before you!"
You say to Annalisa Swornlove, "Annalisa...?"
Annalisa Swornlove says to you, "You served me well, even if it was unknowingly! You recognized the greater power of Hate, just as I did, ever so long ago."
You say to Annalisa Swornlove, "..."
Annalisa Swornlove says to you, "Embracing my boiling hatred rescued me from the painful torture of love. Love does nothing but inflict wounds!"
You say to Annalisa Swornlove, "..."
Annalisa Swornlove says to you, "It causes undue pain and suffering! Imagine how much heart wrenching pain could be avoided if it were removed. It is the greatest of all lies! It does not strengthen, it only makes one weak."
You say to Annalisa Swornlove, "..."
Annalisa Swornlove says to you, "Soon all of Norrath will accept these truths! But first I must find some place to rest, while I amass the power that I require. This stolen body of flesh is weak, and has been taxed by unwittingly carrying a bit of my essence for so long. Until next time, my emancipator!"

In the followup quest of Thief of Hearts Ullkorruuk is temporarily banished by Erollisi Marr, who returned during this quest, from Norrath. We also find out that Ullkorruuk became who she is due to a jealous rage where she murdered a man named Calum, who was her former love and was to become the Demigod of Devotion:

The Lady of Insurrection says, "You are either astonishingly intrepid or doltish. I am a returned Daughter of Hate, you cannot stop me!"
The Lady of Insurrection says, "You will regret this attack, my dutiful pawn!"
You are struck with a very painful blow.
The Lady of Insurrection says, "Face the true form of Treachery, pitiful whelp!"

The Lady of Insurrection says, "Do you not see how futile this battle is, child?! You were too late to stop my transformation! I am no longer bound by mortal flesh and cannot be stopped by mortal means."
The Lady of Insurrection says, "But count your blessings, you were in the presence of a god reborn. Give my blessings to Drinal!"
Erollisi Marr says, "Send them yourself, foul beast of Hate!"
The Lady of Insurrection says, "What?! NO!! You were torn asunder, wench! Bits of your soul trapped..."
Erollisi Marr says, "Just as yours was. You should have realized your freedom and rebirth would mean mine as well. And once again, you will bring about your own pain, your own misery... Selena!"
The Lady of Insurrection says, "That name means nothing to me. NOTHING! I am Ullkorruuk, Daughter of Innoruuk!"
Erollisi Marr says, "But there is plenty of meaning in the name Calum. He was to be more, you realize. He exhibited such devotion to you on that fateful day, sacrificing himself to save you. I approached Drinal on his behalf, and struck a deal, allowing him to return to Norrath."
The Lady of Insurrection says, "For your own lustful pleasures! I know all about it, you ungrateful harlot!"
Erollisi Marr says, "Quite the contrary, contemptuous traitor. He was to be crowned Demi-god of Devotion! But first he had to return to life and cleanse his mortal spirit. That is when you commandeered his destiny by murdering him in a jealous rage. It was your own actions that took him from you and sent him back to Drinal!"
The Lady of Insurrection says, "How is it you are known for your bedding, and not your yarns?"
Erollisi Marr says, "Deny it all you wish, you churlish horn-beast! You have made your bed of hate and treachery. Now you must lie in it!"
Erollisi Marr says, "Begone, creature of hate!"

You say, "Hail, Erollisi Marr"
Erollisi Marr says to you,, "You handled that situation impressively, dear Cyleana."
You say to Erollisi Marr, "Thank you."
Erollisi Marr says to you,, "I warn you though, that is not the last we will see of Ullkorruuk. Although she has been physically ejected from Norrath, she has not been slain. Undoubtedly, she has simply returned to what is left of the Plane of Hate to tend to her wounds."

Erollisi Marr says to you,, "Aaronolis will recover. He will mourn for his beloved sister and for Messina, his secret love, but he will recover. Love can wound, but its healing power is much greater! I wish Selena had realized that before it was too late."
You say to Erollisi Marr, "She certainly thinks differently."
Erollisi Marr says to you,, "There is no part of her left now. The beast Ullkorruuk is all that remains. I wouldn't have even known she was one and the same if it had not been for our mutual prisons. It allowed me to see more of her."

During Erollisi Day 2012 players could receive a quest, Tainted Love, from Ullkorruuk, the Lady of Insurrection. She enticed players to spread hate in the revitalized version of the Shard of Love.

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