The Mangled
Demi-God of Deformity
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This Demi-God has not yet returned to Norrath.
Kyr'Tok appears as a horribly deformed Shiverback ape.

In the Plane of Fear, The Mangled, Kyr'Tok, is an enforcer for Cazic-Thule. He also rules over a contorted and warped jungle of that plane. Amidst that vast jungle can be found monuments and towers of twisted and contorted designs. Kyr'Tok's shiverback army was instrumental in the early defense of the Feerrott as the temple was being built. He also went on to help create painful devices that were used to create contorted Thulian minions. Some of the unfortunate creations of those devices can be found floating around locations in the jungle as well as lurking around various dungeons of Norrath.[1]

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