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Leave no rock unturned as you discover new and exciting items to fact, you may want to keep the rock, too!

Collecting items isn't just a fun way to spend your time—you can gather enough items to complete sets and earn special rewards! Your friends will be able to see your progress, compare achievements and, of course, there's always bragging rights. Be sure to rummage through Robgoblin Junkpiles—you never know what rare treasures you may find!

Sometimes you might collect a part of a collection you already have! You can use these doubles to trade with friends for parts you don't have yet! Alternatively, you can sell them to a vendor if you'd prefer.

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Common Collections

Most collection pieces can be found in spawns that appear almost anywhere in the world. Each spawn can yield a piece from any of a dozen or more different collections.

Rare Collections

Located in the same places where you find Common Collections, the spawn object may have the words <Rare Collection> under the name. These will also have glowing shooting firework-like sparkles coming from it to help you spot them a good distance away. Every time a Common Collections spawn object re-spawns there is a chance that it will be a Rare Collections spawn.

Some locations have a higher chance to be Rare Collections spawns, so when you find such a place be sure to note it and check the spot any time you are in the area!

Meta Collections

Some collections are only started by completing other collections. Since they're collections of collections, they have no spawns and can only be added to by collecting all of the pieces that they require. For example, if you collect all of the Checkered Snails, you will start a new collection of Snails, with a Checkered Snail as a collection piece.

Exploration Collections

Some collections do not require you to gather physical items, but simply discover a specific set of locations.

Rare Exploration Collections

Rare collections are a crucial part of leveling your adventurer skill and obtaining the clothing items. Rare exploration collection items can be spotted by their moving sparkling coins which must be clicked to collect. Coins associated with towns have the icon for the town. The Sanctuary and Wilds coins use the Sanctuary tree logo. While they're hard to find, at least you know when you've got one, unlike normal exploration where sometimes the trigger spots can be a pain to find even though you know you're in the right general location.

In-town locations are often behind, inside, or underneath things. Out-of town locations require lots of running, climbing, and looking around. Sometimes you can see the coin and have to figure out how to reach it, which may involve some route plotting and a jump in just the right spot. Some require swimming, but are always on top of the water, never below.

Collection names often provide hints to help find the location. The Wilds Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest collections are relative to Sanctuary as the central point.

Elite Exploration Collections

The best of the best! Introduced with the 12/14/2009 patch.

These Elite locations use the same type of coin as the Rare ones do, but they are harder to reach. The positions of the coins are meant to challenge you, because it's assumed that you already have some jumping, climbing, and exploring experience from finding the Rare coins.

Also, like the Rare coins, the name of each item should give you some hint as to where it is located.

Explorer Collections

Explorer collections are, simply, collections of Exploration, Rare Exploration, and Elite Exploration collections. Completing each of the Exploration collections will add one piece to the Explorer collection.

Cascading Collections

There are many collections where the reward from one collection contributes an item for another collection, which in turn often rewards an item for a third. Many, but not all, of these cascades have a final reward that is of exceptional quality and value.


Classes are collections of similar types of items, such as Keys or Rings. See Category:Collections by Class for a complete list.

See the list below for all the collections we've found thus far.

Allakhazam credits this post by Hal_Hillstrider at the SOE Official Forums for Rare Collection Information.

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