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Blackspore Token
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Blackspore Elite Exploration

This is an Elite Exploration collection.

This collection is geared toward Adventurers who roam the lands.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Blackspore Swamp.

Find Blackspore Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

  • Oberyn's Broken Home
  • Between Ninja and Graveyards
  • Hollow Hiding Hole
  • Upon Shattered History
  • A Relic View
  • Branching Out
  • Splortata's Timeout Spot
  • Top Tier Mining Excavation
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I've listed them in what seems to be a logical progression, starting from the token closest to the Blackspore Warpstone.

  • Oberyn's Broken Home - Up high on one of the logs that surrounds Oberyn Duskshine's house. Starting at the Blackspore Warpstone, head south over the hill and across the water. His tree-house should be on your left at that point. Go around the log with the spooky eyes, to the back of the tree. You'll see a log ramp leading from the water back up into the tree. The token is up at the top of the ramp.

  • Hollow Hiding Hole - From the previous token, go around to the southern side of the wall, and follow it until you come to Tyrone Shadowshard. Then turn south and you should see a broken, hollow tree near a rock on the other side of the water. The token is inside the tree.

  • Between Ninja and Graveyards - From there, head south, up to the Shadow Talon Dojo and face the gate. Then, do a 180 degree turn so that you are facing somewhat north. You should see two trees and behind those trees and up the mountain is where the token should be visible. To get to it, you need to follow the edge of the mountain north until it ends by a fence, near Burke. Begin to climb south up the mountain. This may be difficult because the mountain seems to be very "slanted" and you may fall off, but keep trying.

  • Top Tier Mining Excavation - Now, jump down and head west to the Haunted Mines. Go to the left of the dungeon and up to a mining area. Then right, across wooden platform, to the ghost's mining area. You will see a rock ramp jutting out from the mountain on your left. Slowly climb this or you will fall off. Once at the top, the token is on a platform to the right, which can be reached by climbing behind it. (Marisol's hint: Another way to get up there is to go up to the entrance of the dungeon, turn right, climb the hill from under the platform, turn left to the ghost's mining area, then follow as above).

  • A Relic View -- In the hills behind the relic minigame, which is just north of Quagmire Quarry. From the previous token, jump down and head northwest, to Ramirez. The way up starts by going around to the back of the tree that's behind him. Climb the ridge of the rock, and jump left to the token.

  • Upon Shattered History - Next, jump down and head north to where the wall meets the mountain. This token is found up on top of the wall. Go up the mountain next to the wall, and hop onto the wall. From there, walk across the top. The token is at the end of the walkway (through the branches).

  • Branching Out - For this one, jump down and head north along the mountain, just beyond Cracked Claw Caverns. You'll find a twisted tree, near where Milford is standing. Go around behind it, behind the glowing flowers, and climb up the trunk. The token is at the end of the horizontal portion.

  • Splortata's Timeout Spot -- Behind the hollow log that encloses Splortata's Camp. For this last one, jump down and head north, following along the mountain and beyond the tunnel entrance to Blackspore. Keep the mountain on your left as it curves, until you get to Splortata. (Cyliena's hint: Behind Splortata's tree in northwestern Blackspore. To get to it, go around the outside of her tree while facing northwest, and keep jumping around the back until you get to it!).


Splortata's Timeout Spot
Splortata's Timeout Spot
Splortata's Timeout Spot - minimap
Splortata's Timeout Spot - minimap

Top Tier Mining Excavation
Top Tier Mining Excavation
Top Tier Mining Excavation - minimap
Top Tier Mining Excavation - minimap

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ZAM would like to thank wtsims, SaranethYemun, and Chris Blazingsea for some of the information in this article.

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