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FR CQuest

This is a Common collection.

We do not know what the reward for this collection is, do you?

We do not know the
list of items in
this collection,
do you?
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{{FR CQuest
 *{{fritem|First Item}}
 *{{fritem|Second Item}}

The Usage Diagram (above) can be found at FR CQuest Usage.



Any value in this field will flag the collection as Members Only
(OPTIONAL, Case Insensitive) Subcategory. There are 5 valid types: Common, Rare, Exploration, Rare Exploration, Explorer, and Combat. If the type= field is blank or not defined it will be treated exactly the same as Common. Exploration and Rare Exploration collections are collections of locations instead of items. Explorer Collections are collections of Explorer and Rare Explorer collections. Meta collections have no type, but it is valid to put Meta here.
Any of several different collection subcategories (See Category:Collections by Class) such as Key or Essence.
Description of the collection.
(OPTIONAL)If all items in this collection are found in the same "named" area, put that name here. Creates a link to a subcategory of Category:Collections by Place. This option works ONLY if the place is in (FR Place). If it is in (FR Town), use placedesc, instead, and link the town name manually.
{OPTIONAL) If this collection is found in more than one area, or all over the world, describe that here. You can use fill linking within this field. This does NOT add any category links, so if you want one (or more) you will have to add the links manually.
This is the name that appears over the in-game object. Meta collections: Put Meta in this field! This will add it to Category:Meta Collections. Text below the template should list what items come from what other collections. Meta collections have no spawn. ALL items come from other collections!
If this collection has the same icon as many others, you can put the name here. The icon will be expected at "iconname (FR Collection Icon}". Be sure that the page has the {{Icon|FR|Collection}} tag on it for proper categorization!
If the reward is known, put it's name here.
(comma list, list) This is a list! If you are using the older (list) format, be sure to start the name of each line with an asterisk and keep them together. The first line MUST start on the line AFTER the |items=! Even though this field can use the new commalist format, it recognizes the older wiki list too. However, if you are using itemsgender and itemsquality, then items must be a commalist.
(commalist, optional) Must match one to one to the items list. Gender default is both or none, depending on your point of view. Quality default is White.

See Bludwyng's Guide to Using Templates for more information on the difference between the (list) and (comma list) formats.

places and placedesc are mutually exclusive. If both are filled only placedesc will be used.

Images and Icons

If spawn is defined, an image will display in the upper right corner, or text begging for a pic upload.

In the upper left of the Collection window an icon is displayed. If we do not have the icon, a yellow question mark with green circle is used, and this image is linked to the page where the icon should be! Just click on the ? and then "Add Image".

In order for this icon to categorize correctly in Category:Collection Icons the following text must be added to the page, before or after uploading the image:
{{Icon|FR|Collection}} for the upper-left icon
{{Icon|FR|Spawn}} for the upper-right spawn pic

If type=Rare, then use: {{Icon|FR|Rare Spawn}} for the upper-right spawn pic

The image will still appear correctly on the Collection page whether you add the above tag to the page, or not.

Possible Subcategories

Possible Error Categories


You can see an excellent example of this template in use, at Ancient Artifact Masks.

Need help understanding Bludwyng's documentation style? See Bludwyng's Guide to Using Templates!

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