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Free Realms
  • FR - places the Free Realms gametag on a page. Supports numerous subcategories. Should be on every page in the Free Realms Wikibase. All of the templates in Main Templates auto-magically include this tag so you don't have to.

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Main Templates

  • FR Battle - creates the page for a Battle. Used on "FR Place:name" and "name (FR Battle)" pages.
  • FR CQuest - creates the page for a collection quest. This should be used ONLY on "FR Collection:name" pages!
  • FR Item - creates an item page
  • FR Job - creates the Job info box.
  • FR JobTag - creates the relative Job info box on any page. Ties the page to the job it belongs with. Several other templates will auto-magically include this tag if the job= field is not blank.
  • FR Minigame - creates the minigame info box
  • FR Mob - used on the FR Mob: namespace, this creates the page for a mob.
  • FR Objectives - creates the objectives box
  • FR Place - creates the page for a place. If it is a dungeon, use FR Battle, instead! This should be used ONLY on "FR Place:name" pages!
  • FR Quest - creates a Quest info box. This should be used ONLY on "FR Quest:name" pages!
  • FR Recipe - creates the page for a Recipe.

Handy Global Templates

  • series - Used to put quests in series and link them to a series page.
  • BigThumb - an alternate way to put thumbnail on a page, with better user control.
  • PlayerTag - Great for User: pages!


These are not really intended for you to use, directly, but some are useful


Linkers can be used to link to what will later be pages, without leaving redlinks all over the wiki. Later, when we have a db, one edit to the linker template will turn on all the links. They cn also be used for pages we are creating NOW but are not 100% sure where they will ultimately live.



Do NOT use any template in this section without permission from the ferret!


This is NOT a full list, this is just categories that hold things that are of use to Wiki Editors. See Category:Free Realms or Site Map if you want ALL the categories.

Example Pages

The following pages should be considered examples of style, and should be slavishly emulated.

Free Realms Wiki Conventions

These are a series of posts by Calthine explaining some of the conventions in the Free Realms Wiki.


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