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This is a minigame.

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{{FR Minigame

If this Minigame has objectives, and they all do, use the FR Objectives template under the Quest template. Objectives may be repeated if there is more than one difficulty level.


If not blank, this minigame is only available to members.
startobject=, startertype=, type, style=
see table, below.
Use this ONLY if this game can only be started at ONE place!
If this minigame is for a specific job, such as Miner for a Silver Mining Ore game, put the job name here. This will cause a FR JobTag to display in the right-hand column.
one of: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or Table. If table, difficulty is defined in the FR Objectives template. X will suppress difficulty.
put the description exactly as it appears in-game on the game starter dialog box. IF the startobject is Forge or Smelting Furnace, a default description is provided but may be overridden.
Used only so that we can flag pages to Category:Minigames without Prize Wheel (FR)
(LIST, OPTIONAL) This is a list of Related Quests that take place in this Battle. This should be a bulleted list, using # or * notation, and should start on the line following the |relquests= so that it formats correctly.

startobject=, startertype=, type, style=

My understanding of this has gone through several different stages, and these 4 fields have come to have VERY specific meanings depending on each other... I will try to explain this.

Timed Minigames (for quests)
  • startobject=X
  • startertype=
  • type=Timed
  • style=
This does not include any automatic text for starter, and expects you to explain how to start it and pretty much everything else, after the template!
Mail Delivery Games
  • startobject=Mailbox
  • startertype=
  • type=Mail Delivery
  • style=
Mail Delivery Games are very specific. You can not start a specific game at any of several different starters, but only at one, so you have to describe the starter in the text after the template.
  • startobject=Bushel, Cooking Table, Mining Node, Smelting Furnace or Forge
  • startertype=Bushel, Table, Ore, Furnace or Forge
  • type=Crafting
  • style=Matching or Making
  • place=name of the farm, town, or mine
These are all very specific and I have defined them already. any new ones should be able to use the existing pages as a guide.
Board Games These include Checkers, Chess, and the Tower Defense games.
Trading Card Game
  • type=Trading Card Game

The template looks for an icon in [[startobject' (FR startertype Icon)]]. See Category:Icons.

Additionally, the Minigame page is checked for an associated image. If there is not one, it then checks the startobject page to see if there is a second image there. The first image is how the object looks in-world and is displayed on the Starter category page, the second image is the Minigame screen.

Need help understanding Bludwyng's documentation style? See Bludwyng's Guide to Using Templates!

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