This template makes it possible for us to start linking items NOW without leaving redlinks all over the wiki. Later, when we have a db, one edit, here, will fix all of them!

Usage: {{FRItem|itemName|alternateName|gender=|piclink=|grade=|nogendertext=}}

IF gender= is M, Male, B, Boy, Boys, F, Female, G, Girl or Girls, gender will be handled in any link created. This is case insensitive, of course. nogendertext will suppress the words if not blank.

IF piclink= is not blank, a link may be created to a display of the in-game appearance of the item. This is done in such a way that it can be used later with the db. If gender is also used a gender icon will be displayed, too.

grade= will accept a wide range of values:

  • 0,substandard,gray,junk
  • 1,white,common (default)
  • 2,green,uncommon
  • 3,blue,rare
  • 4,orange,unique,marketplace
  • 5,purple,epic
The values for grade= are case-insensitive.

NOTE about grade: The FR CMs decided they did not like colorized links and asked to have that disabled. it is still in the code for this template but is deactivated with comment tags.

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