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Use this template on a Place or Mob page that is a Battle.


{{FR Battle

The above Usage Diagram is at FR Battle Usage.


If not blank, this minigame is only available to members.
The name of the in-game mob or dungeon that starts this battle.startertype.
IF iconname is not blank, use it instead of the page name for the icon. So, the icon would be expected at "iconname (FR Battle Icon)". Use this when several battles all share the same icon and you don't want to upload it separately to each one.
Battle Type, such as Mob or Dungeon
No this is not the name of the page this template is being put on, it is intended for the name of the area where the encounter occurs. This field is NOT used at this time, but may be, soon.
put the description exactly as it appears in-game on the game starter dialog box
one of: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or Table. If table, difficulty is defined in the FR Objectives template.
totalcoins= and totalstars=
The coin and stars you get from this battle if you completely clear it, without any increases from potions or items.
(COMMA LIST, OPTIONAL) This is a list of Related Quests that take place in this Battle.
video ID portion of the URL to a video at youtube of a walkthru of this Battle. If the URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JUAdm7torE then the id is 8JUAdm7torE
Used only so that we can flag pages to Category:Battles without Prize Wheel (FR)

The remainder of the fields are passed to FR Objectives and are documented there. I have no desire to maintain docs in 2 locations.

The template looks for an icon in [[startmob (FR Battle Icon)]]. See Category:Battle Icons.


Possible Error Categories

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