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You can get a full list of all statistics and their purpose at Stats.

All known item effects that can be utilized in this template are: abilities=, defense=, energy=, health=, talent=, timing=, kickpower=, tacklepower=, toughness=, starboost=, coinboost=, effects= (activated effects only) and passive= (passive effects only).

All comma-listed "related" fields that can be utilized in this template are: relquests=, relmobs=, relitems=, relminigames= and relcollections=.

The above Usage diagram lives at FR Item Usage

NOTE: We only want pictures of the equipped item, like a portrait. Because item stats can change, any pictures of the "examine" will be deleted. Thanks! IF no pictures exist for this item, the page is added to Category:FR Items with no image.

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The color of the name as it appears in-game indicates the quality, or tier, of the item. This field can be White, Green, Blue, Purple or Orange, or the first letter of the color name. Any color that does not match a valid name defaults to White. Calls FR Color Scheme for the color code.
(switch) If not blank, membership is required
Any description text that is on the item.
Used for items yielded from plants in the Wilds. This is the name that appears over the in-game object.
The minimum level required to use the item.
The minimum VIP Rank required to use the item.
Required job to use the item. Can also be "Freestyle", "Combat", "Matcher" or "Maker".
Male, Female, or Both (optional for both). Can also denote the genders in shortened form - Male (B or M), Female (G or F), Both (MF or FM)
Human or Pixie. If not restricted by race, this field should be left blank.
The slot or type of the item, such as head, weapon, consumable, or recipe. For the full list of valid slot choices, see Category:Items by Slot. When using a kart slot, please ensure that you specify whether it's Demo Derby Driver or Kart Driver in the job field.
Y for yes, which displays available in Coin Shop only and lists the 12 Coin Shop colors; N for no, displays available in Marketplace only and lists 14 Marketplace colors; B for both, displays available in both the Coin Shop and Marketplace (along with both sets of colors). This field is optional and can be left blank.

If you use coinshop=, but do not want the "choose your own color" listings showing, then use one of the following: relquests=

(comma list) A list of quests that reward or require this item.
(comma list) A list of mobs that are known to drop this item. This list is, by no means, exhaustive.
(comma list) A list of items that are in very close relation to this item. It should only be used when referring to items that are in a set.
(comma list) A list of minigames that this item is either used in or a result of.
(comma list) A list of collections that this item is either used in or a result of.
This only relates to consumable items (ie: items that go in the Tool Belt, such as Potions, Food, etc). Flags are either Y for items that will remain after being used (such as Boomboxes), or N for items with a single use (such as Style Cards or crafted Food). If an item does not relate to this type of usage, this field should be left blank.
(commalist) IF slot=weapon, this is a list of the names of the abilities conferred by equipping this weapon. If slot is not "Weapon", this field is ignored.
This field supports one extra job (not including Matcher, Maker or Freestyle) in the rare event of an item allowing multiple jobs. See Algeria Soccer Shirt for an example.

Stats: The meanings of the in-game symbols and their names can be found at FR Bonus


There are 2 possible images that can be attached to an Item page: Icon and Portrait.

  • Icon - Must be the first, or top-most image under the Media tab. If it is not, an Admin will be needed to promote the icon to the first position.
  • Portrait - Must be the second image under the Media tab. This means there MUST be an icon image uploaded first to take the top position.

NOTE: If iconname or iconitem is defined, then Portrait would be the first (and probably only) image.

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