This is intended to display an Icon that is named in accordance with the standard usage of Icon.

Usage: {{DispIcon|gameid|category|icon_name|float=|pos=|px=|nolink=|subnum=}}

Looks for an Icon attached to the wiki page at "icon_name (gameid category Icon)", and displays it, or a missing icon icon depending on gameid.


Should this icon float? If not, pos= is ignored. If yes, pos= may be left or right. default is left.
default is 40px (48px for LotRO)
if undefined, the icon is linked to the page that the image is/should be attached to.
Allows you to reference an icon that is not the topmost (default) icon attached to the icon page. Template:Icon can display up to three icons from the same page.

The wiki page that the image is/should be on SHOULD have the following wikicode on it, to correctly categorize the image and make sure the page does not get lost.

Known Issue: If the icon does not exist and a default icon for the game is not defined, the text "need icon" does not obey pos=. Once the icon DOES exist it will go where it was told to.


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