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Cracked Claw Caverns
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There is a video walkthrough of this battle available here.
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Cracked Claw Caverns

Click on the dungeon entrance to Cracked Claw Caverns to begin this battle.

The cray in these caverns are extremely aggressive lately! Find their leader Cracked Claw and defeat him to lessen their aggressive nature!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 58 Stars 200 

Primary: Defeat the ancient cray, Cracked Claw!

Bonus:  Release the trapped spirits of the explorers lost within Cracked Claw Caverns! - 0/6

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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Coins are earned from the Elder Swamp Cray, Coins 29 each.

The "Members Only Bonus" for completing this battle is Coins 77 .

Completing the Bonus objective gives you one random piece in random color of:

  • Archer: Hen Feather Archer gear
  • Brawler: Brawler gear
  • Medic: Stable Condition Medic gear
  • Ninja: Kusa Ninja gear
  • Warrior: Warrior gear
  • Wizard: Novice Wizard gear

Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose







Lost Explorer Bones
Lost Explorer Bones

Tips and Walkthrough

Burial Service and Who's the Boss?! are repeatable. You should consider picking up these quests every single time you head into the Caverns.

The bonus goal is to release 6 trapped spirits of lost explorers. These are small bone piles. Click on the bones to release it and spawn a ghost that will attack you.

You start in a small cave with 6 Black Swamp Frogs. Start to the left, fighting them 1 and 2 at a time. Don't worry if the Toad Toxin leaves you feeling a little bloated. It passes quickly.

Next, jump down and move to the left. Clear the small chamber directly in front of you and pick up your first trapped spirit.

Proceed down the small tunnel, watching to the right for an alcove. Clear the alcove and get your second trapped spirit.

Go up the ramp to the top and clear all the roamers. Now, going clockwise around the big cavern, clear around. Third trapped spirit is on your left before the small ramp with the Elder Cray, on your left.

Leave the boss cave, on your left, alone until the end. you will find a small alcove just past the entrance to the boss cave with your fourth trapped spirit.

There are 2 frogs at the stalagmites that separate this cave from the entrance cave. The fifth trapped spirit is here. Be careful because of all the swamp and brood cray.

Finally, you are ready to take the boss. The final trapped spirit is in his cave, so be sure to pick that up after the fight, before you exit.

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