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Seaside Token
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Seaside Elite Exploration

This is an Elite Exploration collection.

This collection is geared toward Adventurers who roam the lands.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Seaside.

Find Seaside Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

  • Water off the Beach
  • Cliff Diving
  • Sea-cret Spot
  • Down by the Sea
  • Oceanfront Property
  • Just Hanging Out
  • Off the Wall
  • Up Sandy Rocks
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Split into 2 groups, for ease of direction.

South of the Warpstone

  • Oceanfront Properties - Go to the north side of the Luxurious Oceanfront Homes. There is a bridge along the road near the sea, just east of the launch pad. You can jump down to a ledge and the token is under the bridge. Be careful climbing back up, it's tricky.

  • Cliff Diving - Once you're back on the road, head west, out to the outcropping of rock that makes the arch into the sea. You'll have to jump off the rock to get the token. Press the X key as you fall past the token in order to get it.

  • Sea-cret Spot - Now that you're in the water, swim southeast toward the Abandoned Dojo. As you get close to that cliff wall, follow it around to the south. You'll see the token tucked around a curve.

  • Up Sandy Rocks - From there, turn around and swim back to the cove beach. Once you're there, you should see 2 suspension bridges ahead of you. The path up to that level begins under the right-hand bridge. When you get up there, with the bridges to the north, turn south and move to the street lamp. Now go east, climbing the hills and sticking to the rocks on your right as close as you can. You'll have to go past the token, to the north side of the outcrop, to be able to jump up to it.

North of the Warpstone

  • Off The Wall - Go to the Launch Pad next to Hank Highjump. Look down to the right of it, and you should see the token on a branch of the tree.

  • Down By The Sea - From that tree to this one. Jump out of the tree and onto the road. Hop over the fence and look down at the big tree below you. The token is hidden at the base of the tree, where it grows out of the cliff.

  • Water Off The Beach - You can use the Launch Pads to jump back up to the road you were just on, then climb up to the Post Office. As you get up to it, you'll see a waterfall. The token is behind the waterfall. To get to it, run to the northern side of the waterfall, jump across in front of it, and then run around to the back!

  • Just Hanging Out - Go to the Seaside Pet Center and as you are heading toward it, you'll see the token in a palm tree just beyond the center. Just climb the tree.


Water Off the Beach
Water Off the Beach
Water Off the Beach - minimap
Water Off the Beach - minimap

Up Sandy Rocks
Up Sandy Rocks
Up Sandy Rocks - minimap
Up Sandy Rocks - minimap


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ZAM would like to thank wtsims, Merki, and Chris Blazingsea for some of the information in this article.

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