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Briarwood Token
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Briarwood Rare Exploration
Rare coins placed throughout Sacred Grove. Only true adventurers willing to search and explore will find them all.

This is a Rare Exploration collection.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Briarwood.

Find Briarwood Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

Find a token at the following locations:
  • A Place to Pond-er
  • Gather Round the Campfire
  • Scouting the Pathway
  • Spore Falls
  • Xandril's Nook
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Briarwood Rare Exploration Map

All of the Briarwood rare exploration tokens are very easy to find, and you really don't even need this guide if you like to explore. However, since you are here, I will walk you through it. There are no walls or mountains to scale, no tricky jumping, just simply walk up to them and click! They are listed by the easiest way to get around if you were just starting out.

Gather Round the Campfire
Gather Round the Campfire
Once you have traversed through Thistlerow but before you follow the path out into the wilderness of Bristlewood, turn right and follow the wall around to a group of people that came to Gather Round the Campfire. You should be at the southeast corner just outside the maze. Behind Carlisle Grey is the token, you will need to jump a tree root to get there.

Xandril's Nook
Xandril's Nook
Have you been to Xandril's Place? He lives out near the Tangletrack Speedway and enjoys hearing the rumble of the cars daily. From the wall that separates Bristlewood and Thistlerow, follow the left path North until you find him. Once there, go behind his hut and follow the small clearing around to the right, and near the wall you will find Xandril's Nook and your newest rare exploration token!

Scouting the Pathway
Scouting the Pathway
After visiting Xandril and collecting rare mushrooms along wall, be sure to go in a south-ish direction until you find the Briar Patch and Pa Lazi's Pig Farm. Between them is a small opening in the brush, follow that until you come to a ledge, to the left of you is your Scouting the Pathway token. You may have to backtrack a step or two and walk around the tree instead of trying to balance on the edge.

A Place to Pond-er
A Place to Pond-er
From the Scouting the Pathway token spot, jump down onto the ground below. Follow the wall that separates Bristlewood and Nettleseed southeast towards Darklit Lagoon and you will find A Place to Pond-er token behind the camp on the south shore of the pond, hidden in some large thorny roots.

Spore Falls
Spore Falls
It's at the base of northern waterfall of Nettleseed. Just backtrack from the previous token, to the wall, and go through the opening into Nettleseed. The quickest way is to turn immediately left and go all the way to the end towards the waterfall. You will find your last token on a rock at the base of the Spore Falls!

Congratulations on your newest rare exploration completion!

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