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Wilds Token
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Wilds Southeast Rare Exploration
Rare coins placed throughout Sacred Grove. Only true adventurers willing to search and explore will find them all.

This is a Rare Exploration collection.

All of these tokens are found in the southeastern quadrant of the Wilds.

Find Wilds Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

Find a token at the following locations:
  • Wildwood Shroud
  • Serpent's Climb
  • Atop Spore Flow
  • Peace of Mind
  • Pixiewood Stare
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Wildwood Shroud
Wildwood Shroud
Wildwood Shroud: The "Shroud" is the mountains that Wildwood Speedway is nestled within. Go to the speedway, then go northeast to the mountain range, and begin trying to jump up everywhere you can. Eventually, you will find the token, within sight of the entrance of the speedway (as shown in the picture at right). Another way to measure it, Go 25-40m north from Eddie Eagle Eyes and then turn perfectly east, to the mountains. Now climb up and look to your right.
Serpent's Climb
Serpent's Climb
Serpent's Climb: Due east of Stillwater Crossing, across the water (beyond the peninsula), is a small dock in a cove with a path going up into the mountains behind it. You will see a wooden bridge high above you. Go up the path to the bridge; turn north to the observation deck and start jumping/climbing, working your way back to the west along the ridge line. You can actually see the token from the overlook.
Atop Spore Flow
Atop Spore Flow
Atop Spore Flow: On top of a hill to the left coming from the north Blackspore Swamp entrance tunnel (directly south of Lakeshore. If you see Passwind, it's the hill on the opposite side of the road from him.
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind: It is in southern section of the mountains east of the southeastern river cove above Blackspore. From the token above, go back to Passwind and follow the mountain around behind him until you get to the water. Swim across, go up the bank, and head northeast until you see a tree stump on your left (about 30 paces). From there, turn east and start climbing. At the first fork, head south, up to another stump. Go between the tree and the rock, and you should see the token.
Pixiewood Stare
Pixiewood Stare
Pixiewood Stare: East of the Sanctuary Warpstone and the house where Beth Callahan stands, but south of the river, climb the mountain close to the waterfall without falling into the water below!

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