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A collection of creepy sites and places where ghouls roam in Blackspore.

This is an Exploration collection.

Adventurer Experience

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Blackspore Swamp.

Visit the following locations:
  • Oberyn's Retreat
  • The Sinking Cemetery
  • The Quagmire Quarry
  • Blackspore Pet Adoption Center
  • Relic Excavation Site
  • Mucklewhump's Ferry
  • Splortata's Camp
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  • Splortata's Camp - in the extreme northwest corner of the swamp, in a large, hollow, tree. Look for the light of the campfire!

  • Oberyn's Retreat - just south of the main part of the city. He is in a little tree hollow camp with a tiny 2x4 board bridge. If you go through the gates toward the south, you went too far.

  • Mucklewhump's Ferry - NE of the main part of the city here. He is along the water. Find the hut and his little pier, the spot is on the pier.

  • The Relic Excavation Site - in the far south part of the zone, just to the NW of the Quagmire Quarry. It's one of the Ancient Artifact minigame areas.

  • The Sinking Cemetery - in the southern half of the zone, in the big grave yard in the east. Look near the main grave elemental and go just a tad southeast, sort of near the water.

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