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Shrouded Glade Token
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Shrouded Glade Rare Exploration
Rare coins placed throughout Sacred Glade. Only true adventurers willing to search and explore will find them all.

This is a Rare Exploration collection.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Shrouded Glade.

Find Shrouded Glade Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

Find a token at the following locations:
  • A Shrouded View
  • On a Boat
  • Lost and Found
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Rare Exploration collections involve searching areas for floating collection 'coins' which are in very specific locations in the area. They will only appear if you have not collected them yet, and there is no waiting for spawns as they will always be there if you have not yet collected them.

  • A Shrouded View: Standing at the mouth of the tunnel, look southeast toward Tran. The token is beyond the rock that's behind him.
  • On a Boat: Go up the hill toward the Druid Academy, but don't go up the Academy steps. Turn to the south and follow the path around, until you get to a set of steps that lead down into the water. The token is (surprise, surprise) on a boat right by the steps.
  • Lost and Found: The token is behind the Pet Adoption Center.

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