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Quest Series by Quest Level Range
Quest Series ....+....10....+....20....+....30....+....40....+....50....+....60....65
Man & Hobbit Intro 1-5
Dwarf & Elf Intro 1-5
Archet (Men) 5-9
The Shire (Hobbits) 5-15
Ered Luin (Dwarves & Elves) 5-15
Bree-land 5-24
North Downs 21-35
Lone-lands 22-32
Evendim 32-45
Trollshaws (includes Rivendell) 33-45
Angmar 41-48
Misty Mountains 41-49
Forochel 44-50
Ettenmoors (zonewide PvP) 45-65
Eregion 48-53
Moria 50-65
Moria Upper Levels 51-57
Moria Central Halls 51-57
Moria Lower Deeps 55-60
Lothlorien 59-60
Mirkwood 60-65
Enedwaith 65

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