Ered Luin Introduction (LotRO Quest Series)  

Ered Luin Introduction
Quest Series
Starting ZoneThorin's Gate (pre-instance)
Rec. Levels1 to 8
Next Ered Luin
Small Fellowship
Lord of the Rings Online
Quest Series

The November 2010 update included a near-total rewrite of the Dwarf and Elf introductory series.

Ered Luin is the starting zone for all Elves and Dwarves.

Ered Luin Introduction

Gandalf<s>Nos Grimsong<s>Elladan<s>Bolli<s>Dori<s>

  1. Prologue
  2. Intro: Elrond's Errand<s> (1)
  3. Intro: Elrond's Dream<s> (1)
  4. Intro: Honing Your Skills<s> (2)
    • Your class trainer will give you a Training: quest specific to your class. They are all the same: Purchase your new skills, then demonstrate one of them against a Training Dummy.
  5. Intro: Where Skorgrim Fell<s> (3)
  6. Intro: Where Skorgrim Sleeps<s> (3)
  7. Intro: The Footprints of Blood<s> (4)
  8. Intro: Gormr, Steward of the Hall<s> (4)
  9. Intro: Shrine to the Fallen King<s> (4)
  10. Intro: The Uneasy Feeling<s> (5)
  11. Intro: A Plague at Thorin's Gate<s> (5)
  12. Intro: A Putrid Spring<s> (5)
  13. Intro: Medicine of the Elves<s> (5)
  14. Intro: To Evade the Impending Doom<s> (5)
  15. Intro: Skorgrim's Tomb<s> (5 Solo)

Bjarni<s> - at the Berghold, unlocked when you complete Gormr, Steward of the Hall.

  1. Intro: The Ritual Stones<s> (4)

Unnarr<s> - at Frerin's Court

  1. Intro: Dogs of Death<s> (5)

You will now proceed to the Ered Luin Quest Series

Trivia It is amusing to note that the first three dwarves you save with the elven medicine were key quest givers in the old introductory series, and the fourth will be the commander of Gondamon (when you get there).

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