Lone-lands (LotRO Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneLone-lands
Rec. Levels20 to 40
Previous Bree-land
Next Trollshaws
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Small Fellowship
Lord of the Rings Online
Quest Series

The following quests are only those in the Lone-lands that are part of a Quest Arc.

For a complete list of all quests in the Lone-lands, see this page.

Level range-wise, this Quest Series is concurrent with quests in the North Downs.

Forsaken Inn


Faction: The Eglain (for Gadaric only)
Receivers: Gadaric Munce<s>Lieva Dourlilly<s>
Tasks Bulletin Board<s>

Traders from Bree

Some of these start in Bree but the Quest Log lists them all as Lone-lands.

Noble Deeds

Constable Bram Ashleaf

  1. Noble Deeds (22)
  2. My Deputy (24)
  3. The Goblin-leader<s> (25)

Inn Troubles

ArinoraAnlaf the Forlorn

  1. Earn Their Trust
  2. Fair Trade with Bree (22)

Little Menaces

unlocked by completing Missing Supply Cart
Anlaf the ForlornLieva Dourlily

Vengeance for the Lost

Gadaric Munce


Eglain Camp

Wolves of the Scrub

Old Mugwort

  1. First...
  2. Raising the Wargs' Ire (25)
  3. Drawing the Pack<s> (25)

The Eglain - People of the Lone-lands

Hunulf Munce


From the outside just a big rock outcropping with a door in it, but inside is a large dwarven hall infested with Orcs!

The Forsaken Lone-lands

Refr Quicksilver - outside the door

  1. Dour Dwarves<s> (25)
  2. A Dwarf's Duty<s> (25)
  3. Enemies of the Eglain (25)

Orcs and Dwarves

Logi<s>Henir<s>Refr Quicksilver<s>

  1. Orcs and Dwarves<s> (26) - oddly, this is not marked as a part of this series.
  2. Towards the Eglain<s> (26)

Ost Garuth

  • Bard
  • Campfire
  • All Crafting Stations
  • Mailbox
  • Merchant (w/Repair)
  • Milestone
  • Stable Master


Faction: The Eglain
Receiver: Frideric the Elder<s> Tasks Bulletin Board<s>

Song of the Red Swamp

Friedric the Elder<s>

  1. Hana's Dream<s> (28)
  2. Noisome Neighbours<s> (28)

Triumph and Tragedy




  1. Venom of the Ruin-stalkers<s> (26)
  2. A Plague Upon Us<s> (27)
  3. A last task, and onward
  4. Northrim<s>

Gentle Giants

Friedric the Elder<s>Kekkonen<s>

  1. An Offering of Peace<s> (27)
  2. An Offering of Peace, Part II<s> (27)
  3. Kekkonen
  4. A Brokered Peace<s> (29)

Angmar Rising


Dol Vaeg

  • Merchant (no Repair)

Evil in the Ruins

Grimdeal<s>Fridweic the Elder<s>


Angmar's Army

Eriac the Strong<s>

History of the Red Maid


  1. Vessel of Purity<s> (31 )

Long Overdue Justice


  1. A Dish Best Served Cold...

Garth Agarwen

Although Garth Agarwen is within Lone-lands and is not a zone or instance, there are a number of quests that are part of no Quest Arc but are identified as Garth Agarwen rather than Lone-lands, so we have decided to collect them here. So far, they are all Fellowship quests.

The Outer Gates

  • Muster Camp
  1. Temair the Terrible<s> (32 )

Ost Haer

Within the Ruins



The following quests reward Expert single-use recipes, Ruby Shards<s>, and Mastery items. They can be repeated three times each.

  1. Bounty: Crunchy Crawlers<s> (29)
  2. Bounty: Soggy Mushroom Mash<s> (29)
  3. Bounty: Sickle-fly Pudding<s> (29)

Barad Dhorn

Tainted Living

Radagast the Brown<s>

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