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This page will be the clearing house for all information related to Tasks.

The November 2010 update introduced a new kind of Daily Repeatable quests, called Tasks. To get a Task, find the Tasks Bulletin Board<s> in a town or camp in a level-appropriate zone for you. Each Bulletin Board will only have Tasks available for players in a certain level range.

Tasks are like Workorders or Bounties. You are free to continue selling all the little stuff that collects in your bags for coin, but if you would rather have a little extra XP and Reputation, Tasks are for you! Items that you already have on you from hunting will count towards the Task fulfillment even if you did not have the Task in your Quest Log at the time. XP rewarded for tasks starts at 136 XP per completion, but Tasks in higher zones reward more (422 XP for Level 24 Task in Esteldin). All Tasks that reward Reputation (not all do) always rewards +300.

The minimum level of a Task is the level shown on the task. Once you are more than 4 levels above that level you can still turn the task in for credit but you will be unable to reacquire the task.

Tasks do count towards the limit of quests in your quest log, so you want to be careful about how many you are carrying. All tasks are infinitely repeatable, with no cooldown, but you are limited to turning-in 5 per day. This limit can be reset to 0 by purchasing and using a Reset Task Count<s> (using the Reset button that appears when you are at the limit) in the LotRO Store for 50Turbine Points ($0.50) . You can also permanently increase your daily limit by purchasing and using an Upgrade Task Limit (+1) from the LotRO Store for 150Turbine Points ($1.50)  (for the first one, increasing by 25Turbine Points ($0.25)  per upgrade thereafter). Use the Increase Daily Limit button to buy this. The limit cannot be increased beyond a max of 15 Tasks per day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use the token you buy BEFORE buying another or you will get the same token twice and will not be able to use the second one. You can give it to an alt on the same account if you do mess up. Just like Vault Size increases each Upgrade Task Limit (+1), while having the same name, is NOT the same item. Each will get you only to the specific limit the token was purchased for!

Tasks from different boards may be named the same and accept the same items but they are not the same task and are maintained in your Quest Log separately.

Items that are marked as "for Tasks" can be used in ANY zone that has tasks for that item. Just because the task says to "collect x from y in z" does not mean the item must come from zone z or a specific area in zone z.

Eventually we will be able to create a list that will show ALL Task items and the name and zone of the Task they are for to help you find what you want to keep and what you can sell.

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Why are there no tasks for me?

Tasks are only available to players within four levels of the minimum offering. You will find task boards throughout all regions of Eriador with boards in each region offering tasks for the level range of that region. If you are not seeing tasks, perhaps there are tasks in a region that is more level appropriate to you.

To repeat, once you are more than 4 levels above the level of the task you can still turn the task in for credit but you will be unable to reacquire the task.

Where to get Tasks

Level Ranges in the following table that say ">x" means that we have not gotten any Tasks there yet with a character that was the right level to get them. It does not mean that there are none.

Summary of Tasks Bulletin Boards by Location
ZoneLocationLevel Range# of TasksFactionNotes
Ered LuinGondamon8-1210Thorin's HallSee Tasks in Ered Luin
The ShireHobbiton-Bywater8-1210none (XP only)See Tasks in The Shire
Bree-TownMarket Square14-2018Men of BreeSee Tasks in Bree-land
Lone-landsThe Forsaken Inn20-2312The EglainSee Tasks at Forsaken Inn
Lone-landsOst Goroth24-26?8?The EglainSee Tasks at Ost Goroth
North DownsTrestlebridge20-2310none (XP only)See Tasks at Trestlebridge
North DownsAmon Raith20-2512none (XP only)See Tasks at Amon Raith
North DownsEsteldin23-26?8?Rangers of EsteldinSee Tasks at Esteldin
North DownsLin Giliath24-26?8?none (XP only)See Tasks at Lin Giliath
North DownsOthrikar26-?3?Thorin's HallSee Tasks at Othrikar
TrollshawsBarachen's Camp30-326Thorin's HallSee Tasks at Barachen's Camp
TrollshawsThorenhad33-344Elves of RivendellSee Tasks at Thorenhad
TrollshawsEchad Candelleth??Elves of RivendellSee Tasks at Echad Candelleth
RivendellElrond's Stables??Elves of RivendellSee Tasks in Rivendell
Misty MountainsGloin's Camp??Thorin's HallSee Tasks in Misty Mountains
Misty MountainsHrimbarg??Thorin's HallSee Tasks in Misty Mountains
EvendimTinnudir??Wardens of AnnuminasSee Tasks in Evendim
EvendimOst Forod??Wardens of AnnuminasSee Tasks in Evendim
AngmarAughaire??Council of the NorthSee Tasks in Angmar
AngmarTryn Lhuig??Council of the NorthSee Tasks in Angmar
AngmarGabilshathur??Thorin's HallSee Tasks in Angmar
AngmarHrimbar??Council of the NorthSee Tasks in Angmar
ForochelPynti-peldot??Lossoth of ForochelSee Tasks in Forochel
ForochelLansi-ma??Lossoth of ForochelSee Tasks in Forochel
ForochelSuri-kyla??Lossoth of ForochelSee Tasks in Forochel
EregionGwingris<54?Elves of RivendellSee Tasks in Eregion
EregionEchad Dunann<54?Elves of RivendellSee Tasks in Eregion
EregionEchad Mirobel<54?Elves of RivendellSee Tasks in Eregion

Deeds and Titles

The Up-and-Comer<s> - complete 100 Tasks

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