Moria (LotRO Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneMoria
Rec. Levels50 to 60
Previous Eregion
Next Lothlorien
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Small Fellowship
LotRO: Mines of Moria
Expansion Required
Lord of the Rings Online
Quest Series

Moria is so huge and has so many quests that we cannot contain the entire Quest Series on a single page without running into a hard limitation of our wiki compiler. Therefore, we have chosen to base the breakup of the zone by the Quest Log category. This division is not absolute, as some quests start in one section and take you to another. Some are listed in the Quest Log based on where they start, some on where they lead, and some by no logical reasoning we can deconstruct. So, we are going to keep sub-zone quests together, as best we can, based on where it starts.
  • Moria - General information
  • Moria Upper Levels - The Great Delving (Durin's Threshold), Durin's Way (Jazârgund), The Twenty-first Hall
  • Moria Central Halls - The Great Delving (The Dolven-view), Durin's Way (Chamber of the Crossroads), Silvertine Lodes, Zelem-Melek
  • Moria Lower Deeps - The Water-Works, Redhorn Lodes, Nud-Melek, The Flaming Deeps, Foundations of Stone, Zirakzigil


The regular horse you have been using up till now will not work in the Halls of Moria. The paths are too steep, the footing too uneasy. To ride in style through Durin's kingdom requires something a little more at home in this kind of terrain... a goat! All Stable-masters in Moria stock a full stable of these mountain thoroughbreds.

With enough faction you can purchase a Tame Redhorn-goat<s> or Nimble Redhorn-goat<s> of your very own from the Iron Garrison Miners, or you can spend 695Turbine Points ($6.95)  in the Lotro Store for a Dusky Nimblefoot Goat<s> and just skip all that faction grinding. Remember, though, that store-purchased mounts cannot use your block, parry and evade but Reputation mounts can, helping to keep you on your goat better when running past creatures of less than gentle intent.


There are two factions in Moria: Iron Garrison Guards and Iron Garrison Miners. Talk to Bennt Sharp-eye<s> at Dolven-view to get an introduction to the items they want to barter for. Límar will accept barter items for the Guards, and Dalwin for the Miners. Each of the 5 items they want can be given to either faction. For this reason you may want to talk to Límar and Dalwin first and decide what you want that they "sell", then work toward the faction you need. Among other things Límar sells a book for each Class, but Dalwin sells only one book concerning the Twenty-first Hall.

Both factions want the same things. We suppose it is eventually possible to get to Kindred with both, but that will take a very long time. Better to look over the items you can buy from them and decide what you need first, then concentrate on one faction.

Iron Garrison Miners

  • Faction Merchants:
    • Dalwin<s> at The Dolven-view
      • Travel skills for Hunter and Warden (req's Acquaintance and Lvl 56) to The Twenty-first Hall
      • Gloves (Acquantance), Earrings (Friend), Pocket items (Ally), and Cloaks (Kindred) focused on stats for Tactical classes
      • Mounts: Tame Redhorn-goat<s> (Acquaintance) and Nimble Redhorn-goat<s> (Kindred)

Iron Garrison Guards

  • Faction Merchants:
    • Límar<s> at The Dolven-view
      • A book for each class that rewards a Class trait (req's Kindred)
      • Boots (Acquantance), Rings & Shields (Friend), and Pocket items (Ally) focused on stats for Melee classes

Legendary Traders

Found in The Dolven-view, these traders will swap special items and tokens for some pretty spectacular gear and weapons. the traders, and their wares, are class-specific.

Item XP Dailies

There are a number of quests that may be repeated to grind Item Experience. Generally, these require an Infused gemstone to start them. Each repetition will reward some faction, Item Experience, and your choice of some item titles or a relic that can be deconstructed by a Relic-master.

Riddles in the Dark

Though some are marked as a Series and some are not the following quests most definitely are and span the entirety of Moria. They start when you examine Falgeirr's Papers<s> in the doorway of Katûb-zahar, the Library in The Great Delving. Each quest will pose a riddle (or lead you to the next riddle-giver) and each riddle is solved by finding an object with a picture of the answer.

Falgeirr's PapersOndott<s>Gapi<s>

  1. Riddles in the Library<s> (53) - Talk to Sót<s> at the Dolven-view and Ondott<s> at the Deep-descent.
  2. Falgeirr Twisttongue<s> (53) - Solve the first riddle
  3. Riddles in the Stone<s> (54) - Solve the second riddle
  4. Riddles in the Locks<s> (55) - Talk to Gapi<s> at Anazârmekhem
  5. Riddles in the Doors<s> (56) - Solve the third riddle
  6. Riddles in the Walls<s> (56) - Solve the fourth riddle
  7. Riddles in the Tomb<s> (57) - Solve the fifth riddle
  8. Riddles in the Sunshine<s> (58) - Solve the sixth and final riddle (in Lothlorien)

The Statue of Helgi Goblinbane

When you visit The Chamber of the Crossroads one of the quests there will ask you to look at the broken statue in the courtyard outside the Chamber. This is the start of a non-series that will involve pieces of the statue throughout Moria. Some quests are object-triggered (started when you find a piece of the statue) and others are NPC-given to go find a piece.

  1. Shattered<s> (53) - Chamber of the Crossroads
  2. Now you can receive the rest of the quests, as you find them.
  3. Reassembling the Statue (57) - Uxi at Chamber of the Crossroads, final quest

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