Moria Upper Levels (LotRO Quest Series)  

Moria Upper Levels
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMoria
Rec. Levels50 to 60
Previous Eregion
Next Lothlorien
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Small Fellowship
LotRO: Mines of Moria
Expansion Required
Lord of the Rings Online
Quest Series

Moria (LotRO Quest Series)

Moria is so huge and has so many quests that we cannot contain the entire Quest Series on a single page without running into a hard limitation of our wiki compiler. Therefore, we have chosen to base the breakup of the zone by the Quest Log category. This division is not absolute, as some quests start in one section and take you to another. Some are listed in the Quest Log based on where they start, some on where they lead, and some by no logical reasoning we can deconstruct. So, we are going to keep sub-zone quests together, as best we can, based on where it starts.
  • Moria - General information
  • Moria Upper Levels - The Great Delving (Durin's Threshold), Durin's Way (Jazârgund), The Twenty-first Hall
  • Moria Central Halls - The Great Delving (The Dolven-view), Durin's Way (Chamber of the Crossroads), Silvertine Lodes, Zelem-Melek
  • Moria Lower Deeps - The Water-Works, Redhorn Lodes, Nud-Melek, The Flaming Deeps, Foundations of Stone, Zirakzigil

The Great Delving

Durin's Threshold

  • Merchant (w/Repair)
  • Milestone
  • Stable Master (dests)
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Volume II, Book 2: Echoes in the Dark of the Epic quest series begins here.
Unlike everywhere else, you will have access to the stable route from Durin's Threshhold to The Dolven-view automatically without having to walk there first.

Goblin Threat

Tübi Thinkfist<s>

  1. In Pursuit<s> (51) - discover the fate of Kambi
  2. A Watchful Glance<s> (51) - find the Goblin-tribe
  3. Sealing the Gate<s> (51) - defeat 8 goblins and a goblin-messenger

Durin's Way


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Lest We Forget


  1. The Terror that was Azog<s> (54) - find and talk to Arnfinn
  2. Records of the Dark Times<s> (54) - Talk to Bôi in the Twenty-first Hall.
  3. Lest We Forget<s> (55) - Tell three statues the /story of the battle

The Twenty-first Hall

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The Durub


  1. A Multitude of Durub<s> (55) - defeat 18 Durub Orcs at Gazatu-ru
  2. Giving the Durub a Good Drubbing<s> (55) - defeat 4 Durub Captains at Gazatu-ru

Balin's Camp


  1. Balin's Pride<s> (55) - find Balin's Camp
  2. Gredbyg in the Camp<s> (55) - Defeat 12 gredbyg in Balin's Camp

War Against Lothlorien


  1. Back and Forth<s> (58) - collect the emissary's parcel
  2. Enemies of Lothlorien<s> (60 ) - complete tasks for Avar, Palmer and Teitur

Out of the Mines


  1. Leaving the Mines<s> (57) - destroy 8 carts
  2. Locating the Advance Guard<s> (58) - collect a copy of the orders

Nightmares of the Deep


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