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Legendary Items, or LIs as they are frequently called, were introduced with the Mines of Moria expansion and cannot be used or even identified until you have gained access to Moria. This is physical access to the place, not just having purchased the expansion although that is also required. In addition, you cannot use LIs until you have completed Volume 2, Book 1, Chapter 10: The Forgotten Lineage.

Before a Legendary Item can be used it must first be identified by a Forge-master to reveal the item's hidden potential. Once you equip or Slot the weapon it will earn levels and Legendary Points (LP) that you can use to further improve it's Legacies. Note that you can use and/or slot up to six LIs. Slotted LIs, whether they are equipped or not, will gain ItemXP and, thereby, levels. This means you can use your extra slots to "raise" additional weapons, for use or just for Deconstructing.

Shift-I opens the Legendary Items window. You will see that you cannot have more than a total of 6 Legendary Items equipped at any one time. Slotted LIs gain experience, both from killing mobs and from quests that specify they give Item Experience. LIs that are in your Inventory but are not slotted do not gain ItemXP.

Note: Only one Melee LI may be equipped. It can be Main-Hand or Off-Hand but you cannot equip both. You can equip a Melee LI and a Ranged or Class-slot LI.


When a LI reaches a level that is a multiple of 10 the item stops gaining experience and must be Re-forged by visiting a Forge-master. There are 3 checkboxes below the custom Name field that control whether Legacies, Relics and Name are reset when reforged. This allows you to keep what you have configured or redo it all. The Legendary Points you have spent and Relics you have slotted are not destroyed when removed during reforging. They are returned to your control so you can redistribute them. The default is to remove LP and Relics, but reset name defaults to un-checked, so if you want to keep it the way it is be sure to un-check them!


A Relic-master can take LIs you do not need or want, and break them down into Relics you can use to improve the LIs you are using. The most common relic to result from Deconstruction is Tier 1 Settings. To get higher Relics you can select five Relics of the same type and Combine them into a Relic of the same type but the next higher tier.

It is commonly known that if you Deconstruct a leveled-up LI it yields better Relics. Many will slot an inferior LI of their class even though they have no intention of ever equipping it just to level it up so they can break it. Level 11 is believed to be the minimum to get the better Relics. You are advised to always level these LIs to a reforge-level +1, so 11, 21, 31, etc, for the best results.


Legacies are just like traits or skills, except that they affect your LIs and you spend Legendary Points to raise the rank of the Legacy. New Legacies can be gained whenever the LI is Re-forged.


Relic Forging

A Relic-master can also combine 5 relics of one tier into one or more new relics, at least one of which will be of the next higher tier. Critical Success results can produce more relics of various tiers.

To get a single tier 9 relic would require 59 (1,953,125) tier 1 relics if all you ever get are tier 1 relics. Thankfully, you get more relics of higher tiers when you break higher-level and higher-leveled LIs so you are never going to actually need to use only tier 1 relics.





Relics by Tier

Each tier consists of six relics. Below will eventually be a complete table, by tier, of all the relics.

1SettingBronze Setting of Warding+10 Might, +2.5% Partial Block Mitigation
1SettingBronze Setting of Might+10 Might, +10 Vitality
1SettingBronze Setting of Deflection+10 Agility, +2.5% Partial Parry Mitigation
1SettingBronze Setting of Deftness+10 Agility, +10 Might
1SettingBronze Setting of Fleetness+10 Vitality, +2.5% Partial Evade Mitigation
1SettingBronze Setting of Endurance+10 Vitality, +10 Agility
2SettingCopper Setting of Whelming+204 Melee Critical Rating, +10 Vitality
2SettingCopper Setting of the Enduring Hand+204 Ranged Critical Rating, +10 Vitality
2SettingCopper Setting of the Deft Hand+204 Ranged Critical Rating, +10 Agility
2GemAgate Gem of the Fateful Word+480 Tactical Offence Rating, +10 Fate
2SettingCopper Setting of Rage+204 Melee Critical Rating, +10 Might
2GemAgate Gem of the Willful Word+480 Tactical Offence Rating, +10 Will
3SettingIron Setting of the Stout Ward+208 Melee Critical Rating, +2.5% Partial Block Mitigation
3GemAmethyst Gem of Destiny+10 Fate, +10 Will
3SettingIron Setting of Stout Deflection+208 Melee Critical Rating, +2.5% Partial Parry Mitigation
3GemAmethyst Gem of Determined Fate+60 in-Combat Power Regen, +10 Fate
3SettingIron Setting of the Fleet hand+208 Ranged Critical Rating, +2.5% Partial Evade Mitigation
3GemAmethyst Gem of the Determined Mind+60 in-Combat Power Regen, +10 Will
4SettingSteel Setting of Great Might+3% Partial Block Mitigation, +3% Partial Parry Mitigation
4GemGarnet Gem of the Mindful Touch+600 Incoming Healing Rating, +12 Will
4SettingSteel Setting of Great Rage+212 Melee Critical Rating, +12 Agility
4RuneEarly Rune of the Heart+75 Maximum Morale, -2% Attack Duration
4GemGarnet Gem of the Fateful Touch+600 Incoming Healing Rating, +12 Fate
4RuneEarly Rune of the Spirit+75 Maximum Power, -2% Attack Duration
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