Moria Lower Deeps (LotRO Quest Series)  

Moria Lower Deeps
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMoria
Rec. Levels50 to 60
Previous Eregion
Next Lothlorien
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Small Fellowship
LotRO: Mines of Moria
Expansion Required
Lord of the Rings Online
Quest Series

Moria (LotRO Quest Series)

Moria is so huge and has so many quests that we cannot contain the entire Quest Series on a single page without running into a hard limitation of our wiki compiler. Therefore, we have chosen to base the breakup of the zone by the Quest Log category. This division is not absolute, as some quests start in one section and take you to another. Some are listed in the Quest Log based on where they start, some on where they lead, and some by no logical reasoning we can deconstruct. So, we are going to keep sub-zone quests together, as best we can, based on where it starts.
  • Moria - General information
  • Moria Upper Levels - The Great Delving (Durin's Threshold), Durin's Way (Jazârgund), The Twenty-first Hall
  • Moria Central Halls - The Great Delving (The Dolven-view), Durin's Way (Chamber of the Crossroads), Silvertine Lodes, Zelem-Melek
  • Moria Lower Deeps - The Water-Works, Redhorn Lodes, Nud-Melek, The Flaming Deeps, Foundations of Stone, Zirakzigil

The Water-Works

The Rotting Cellar

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The various Fungus quests got a little confusing and we lost track of the exact order. The next contributor to pass through here needs to watch the sequence more carefully and correct it.

Fighting the Fungus


  1. Lying in Wait<s> (55) - Defeat 10 Orcs in The Chamber of Dark Waters
  2. Some Kind of Safety<s> (55) - Test the water
  3. Fighting the Fungus<s> (55) - Help Ansurr, Gyrgir and Thrand
  4. Out of the Darkness<s> (56) - use the mixture on Kraibag<s>

Glass Spiders


  1. Clearly Problematic<s> (55) - Collect 10 glass-spider legs
  2. Spider-leg Prisms<s> (56) - Use the Polished Glass-spider Legs to repair 8 lamps near Gabil-munz

Churning Wheel


  1. Churning Froth<s> (55) - Find The Great Wheel and defeat 12 creatures there
  2. Rusted Works<s> (55) - Collect 6 acid-glands from Diseased Dragonets<s> in the Silvertine Lodes
  3. Fungus and Acid<s> (55) - Restore 6 paddles and remove slime from 6 main paddles
  4. Foreman of the Great Wheel<s> (56) - Talk to Foreman Indrith in the Wheel-house

All Glory


  1. Dark and Shallow Water<s> (55) - Find 4 goblin-corpses
  2. Toad-slime<s> (56) - Collect 10 toad-slime
  3. Fighting Slime with Slime<s> (56) - Defeat Stonecrest<s>

Western Insects


  1. Studying the Local Wildlife<s> (55) - Collect 12 creature samples from toads, lizards and spiders
  2. The Local Wildlife is Deadly<s> (56) - Defeat 12 Deep-toads



  1. Darkened by Mildew<s> (56) - Clean mirror with the acid

Chamber of Wheels

Remember, Toads and Lizards are Threatening, not Aggressive. You can just run through them and they will not aggro unless you stand too close for too long.

Entering the Vile Maw


  1. Gumming Up the Works (56) - Defeat 12 toads and 12 lizards in the Water-works
  2. A Second Go of It<s> (56) - Help Indrith try to turn the wheel
  3. A New Gear<s> (56) - Fetch a new gear from The Rotting Cellar
  4. Two Problems, One Tool<s> (56) - Defeat 10 Orcs in the Water-works
  5. Off to the Channel<s> (56) - Talk to Kaldi at the entrance to The Vile Maw
  6. Readings from the Basin<s> (56) - Get a water sample from the Drowned Deep
  7. Reporting the Findings<s> (56) - Take the water sample to Jatgir at The Rotting Cellar


  • Muster Camp
a.k.a. The Vile Maw

Redhorn Lodes

The Gate of Ruin

  • Muster Camp
This is the entrance to the Fellowship zone, The Great Stair. 54 is too low to enter.

The Flaming Deeps


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Fooling Mazog's Orcs


  1. A Cunning Plan's Components<s> (56) - collect 12 scaffold-pieces

Jury Rigged




  1. Descending<s> (56) - defeat 18 Ghash-hai orcs
  2. Infighting<s> (56) - Find the gates of Anghumu-ru and Durin's Court
  3. Worth Fighting?<s> (56 ) - Collect 6 Ghash-hai maps
  4. Worth Fighting<s> (56 ) - Defeat Yul

Fooling Mazog's Orcs

  1. A Thousand Campfires<s> (56) - Light 12 of the bonfires

A Fun Guy

This is a series, but it is not named.

  1. There is our Problem<s> (57) - Defeat Deep-worms at Tanunshush
  2. It Would Seem Not<s> (57) - Talk to Kâti in the Twenty-first Hall


  • Muster Camp
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There are 2 NPCs at the Campfire Site, Waden<s> and Hugi<s>, but their quest rings are all grey at 56. There are also 3 doors here, but all three are barred at 53.

There are 2 more NPCs by the eastern door, Gornellon<s> and Baranglim<s>. They give Reputation Crafting quests for the Galadhrim.

Fil Gashan

The Forge of Khazad-Dûm

Foundations of Stone

The Shadowed Refuge

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Rune Rocks


  1. Words of Light<s> (58) - Find the rune-rock
  2. Warding Runes<s> (58) - using a rune-rock, defeat the Rock-warden

The Fungus Among Us

The quest Fungus and Shadow<s>, from the Twenty-first Hall, leads you here.

  1. Infestation<s> (60) - Defeat 14 Globsnagga Orcs
  2. A Freshwater Cure<s> (60) - Find fresh water and put it in the orcs' water supply
  3. Kill it with Fire<s> (60) - Burn 6 fungal structures

Lurking in the Shadows


  1. Lurking in the Shadows<s> (60) - Defeat 12 Nameless in the Foundations of Stone
  2. An Unacceptable Diet<s> (60) - Bury 6 of the fallen dwarves
  3. Revenge from the Grave<s> (60) - Defeat Blind-strider<s>

The Dark Delvings

  • Muster Camp
  1. The Path of the Masterful Fist: Lending a Hand<s> (58 ) - Defeat the Mad Captain (only when helping with Warden Legendary Trait quest Safeguard<s>)


  1. The Defender of the Free: Lending a Hand<s> (58 ) - Defeat Nightshine (for Guardian Legendary Trait Defender of the Free)

Dar Narbugud


  1. Dâr Narbugud: Bastions of Doom<s> (58 ) - Defeat Rung and Blagh
  2. Dâr Narbugud: Noxious Vapours<s> (58 ) - destroy 13 fumaroles and 3 greater fumaroles
  3. Dâr Narbugud: A Plague Restrained<s> (58 ) - Defeat 18 weak Globsnaga Orcs


The Sixteenth Hall

  • Muster Camp
Two NPCs here: Hardsnel<s> and Rion<s>. Both of them have grey quest rings at 57. The door to the Hall is also unusable at 57.


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