Lothlorien (Lotro Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneLothlorien
Rec. Levels59 to 65
Previous Moria
Next Mirkwood
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Small Fellowship
LotRO: Mines of Moria
Expansion Required
Lord of the Rings Online
Quest Series

You may notice a dearth of named Series quests in Lothlorien. In fact, once you leave Mekhem-bizru there are none. It is as if one team of devs created Moria while another team developed Lothlorien and the Lothlorien team never got the memo about Series Names. In fact this would explain why the only quests at Mekhem-bizru that have series names all sort in the Quest Log under Moria.

At any rate, we are going to attempt to keep track of the series' here without names.

Progress through Lothlórien depends upon your standing with the Galadhrim. There is a list of all the repeatable faction quests HERE.

As you run through the quests, if you see XP or ItemXP of 1 that means that we know that the quest gives XP or ItemXP but we either have not finished the quest ourselves or forgot to update it when we did. If you note the correct amount please use the Send a correction link on the quest page to let us know what the amount is and we will update it.


  • Item-masters
  • Mailbox
  • Merchant (w/Repair)
  • Milestone
  • Stable Master
Oddly enough, the Quest Log lists the first round of quests that begin here under Moria.

Out of the Mines

Continued from a series that started inside Moria at the Twenty-first Hall.

  1. Halting the Advance<s> (59 ) - Defeat 20 Orcs
  2. Hobble the Leadership<s> (59 ) - Defeat the Orc Emissaries

Durin's Stone


  1. Sappers at the Stone<s> (59) - Defeat 6 Orc-sappers at Uruk-gashan
  2. A Vision of the Depths<s> (60) - Collect 6 Pieces of Durin's Stone
  3. Reclaiming a Legacy<s> (60) - Defeat Istash

Craftsman of Destruction


  1. Fuel for the Fire<s> (59) - burn 6 wood-piles

Herald of War


  1. Out from the Depths<s> (59 ) - Defeat 12 Orcs in Drû-garmadh

Riders in the Dale


  1. Silence of the Wargs<s> (60 ) - Defeat 10 Wargs at Athmadhul
  2. Riders in the Dale<s> (60 ) - Defeat 8 Moria Riders
  3. Finale:

Echad Andestel

The Class Trader's here will barter rare body, leg and hand armor in exchange for 25, 15 and 10 Medallions of Lothlórien<s>


  1. Lucky the Arrow That Kills Twice<s> (60) - Gather 5 arrows from orc-corpses
  2. No Arrow a Waste<s> (60) - Deliver a bundle of recovered arrows to Meredhrandir at Mekhem-bizru
  3. Aiding the Elves III<s> (60 ) - Gather 5 arrows from orc-corpses and deliver arrows to Meredhrandir at Mekhem-bizru


  1. Curse Their Foul Feet!<s> (60) - Gather 5 piles of orc-filth
  2. Return Their Filth<s> (60) - Burn the orc filth in a fire at one of their camps
  3. Aiding the Elves IV<s> (60) - Gather 5 piles of orc-filth and burn it in a fire

The following NPCs are unlocked when you reach Acquaintance standing with the Galadhrim.


  1. Poaching: Protected Deer in Lórien<s> (60) - Hunt protected deer in Lórien for 6 deer meat


  1. An End to the Poaching<s> (60) - Talk to Glordirith at Imlad Lalaith

Talan Haldir


  1. The Good Will of the Galadhrim<s> (60) - Deliver the letter to Hrolfur


  1. Down from the Mountains<s> (60) - Defeat 10 Orcs in Nanduhirion
  2. Too Close to Lórien<s> (60) - Set fire to 5 Orc barricades
  3. Aiding the Elves I<s> (60 ) - Defeat 10 Orcs and set fire to 5 Orc barricades in Nanduhirion


  1. Cruel Weapons of Moria<s> (60) - collect 5 Orc weapons
  2. Hinder the Orc-schemes<s> (60) - Defeat 4 Orc-waylayers in Nanduhirion
  3. Aiding the Elves II<s> (60 ) - Collect 5 Orc-weapons and defeat 4 Orc-waylayers


NOTE: You may cross the Nimrodel safely but to enter Lothlórien itself you must be an Acquiantance of the Galadhrim. If not, the Galadhrim will slay you on sight.

Within Lórien you will see mobs that say Protected in the mouseover box. Killing one of these will cost you standing with Galadhrim, so if you hit one or are attacked by one just run it off.

Trivia Back when Mines of Moria was in Beta there was a title for getting killed by the hidden Galadhrim archers: the Pincushion. This was, unfortunately, removed before MoM went live.


Galadhrim Lookout<s> - This gives you access to Lothlorien. If you have the standing but do not do this... pincushion.

  1. The Trust of Lórien<s> (60) - Talk to a Galadhrim Lookout
  2. Trusted

Talan Fanuidhol

Two Barterers are found here, trading Lothlórien Silver Branches<s> for shields, musical instruments, potions, a cosmetic quiver, and Lothlórien Gold Leaves<s>.

  1. Pre-emptive Measures<s> (60) - Soak 9 lumber-piles and collect the contents from 6 crates
  2. Disarming the Foe<s> (60) - Defeat 4 Orc-smiths and destroy 5 weapon-stores
  3. Consistent harassment<s> (60 ) - Defeat 4 Orc-smiths and destroy 5 weapon-stores


  1. Determining Their Strength<s> (60) - Aid Maenhador and Raingon
  2. Burning, Looting & Razing
  3. And then the Sacking (repeatables)


  1. Running Interference<s> (60) - Defeat 6 Orc-scouts
  2. Mockery<s> (60) - Find Târgrat the Proud<s>, humiliate him, then defeat him

Talan Gwilith


  • Fanuidhol Skirmish<s> (60 ) - Skirmish: Defeat waves of orc soldiers without losing 12 elvish soldiers

More Burning, Looting & Razing - after Determining Their Strength.

Talan Revail


  1. Searching for Eagles<s> (60) - /look for eagles from Talan Brethil, Talan Gwilith and Talan Fanuidhol
  2. Talons at the Talan<s> (60) - Defend Talan Revail

Cerin Amroth

  • Reflecting Pool
  • Stable Master
Two Barterers are found here, on the central talan, trading Lothlórien Silver Branches<s> for decorations, costumes, music boxes, potions, and Lothlórien Gold Leaves<s>.


  1. Malbrethil Saplings<s> (60) - Examine 4 Malbrethil-saplings
  2. Songs for the Saplings<s> (60) - Talk to Orthir, then /sing to the 4 saplings
  3. Birch-mother<s> (60) - Collect 6 Malbrethil-seeds from Shrews in Taur Hith
  4. Singing to Saplings<s> (60 ) - Talk to Orthir, then /sing to the 4 saplings


  1. Elessar and Undômiel<s> (60) - Talk to Pennasseth, Meluibrennil and Naeris
  2. In Honour of Love Deferred<s> (60)
  3. Niphredil and Elanor<s> (60) - Collect 6 elanor-blossoms and 6 niphredil-blossoms
  4. Spirits in Bloom<s> (60 ) - Collect 6 elanor-blossoms and 6 niphredil-blossoms


  1. Shapes from Shapelessness<s> (60) - gather 5 birch-wood and 5 stones
  2. Forms from Formlessness<s> (60 ) - gather 5 birch-wood and 5 stones


Imlad Lalaith

Two Barterers are found here, trading Lothlórien Silver Branches<s> for recipes, potions, Supreme scroll cases, and some elven crafting supplies. There are also Legendary Item class traders here with lvl 59 and 60 First Age items to barter.


  1. Circles of Silence<s> (60) - Meditate in four locations


  1. Banquet Preparations<s> (60) - Finish the banquet preparations
  2. S Revel Too Far<s> (60 ) - Admonish 5 drunks

The Vineyards of Lórien

  • Crafting Stations: Superior, all stations
  • Mailbox
  1. The Bears of Brochos<s> (60) - Collect 6 bear-meat
  2. Invasive Hunters<s> (60) - Defeat 10 Anduin Lizards
  3. Anduin Patrol<s> (60 ) - Patrol the banks of the Anduin

Hadhelen<s> - available after completing Meat for the Spit.

  1. The Fool's Letter<s> (60) - Deliver a letter to Andiriniel at the Lady's Rest

Caras Galadhon

  • Mailbox
  • Milestone
  • Stable Master
Caras Galadhon is the heart of Lothlorien. If Lorien were a city of Men then Caras Galadhon would be the Palace. You must achieve Friend standing with the Galadhrim before the gates will open for you.

At the Gate

Beneath the House of Celeborn

Deed: Flet-runner Challenges

  1. Celechest<s> - on the ground on the south side of the House of Celeborn
  2. This opens the following individual quests

Telain Galadhrim

  • Bard
  • Crafting Hall: Superior
  • Mailbox
  • Merchant (w/Repair)
  • Milestone
  • Class Trainers
  • Vault Keeper
Several Barterers are found here, trading Lothlórien Silver Branches<s> and Lothlórien Gold Leaves<s> for decorations, recipes, potions, jewellry, class gift boxes, and a mount. You must have Friend, Ally or Kindred standing with the Galadhrim to purchase these items, depending on the item.


  1. Lothlórien Preparations IV<s> (60 ) - Deliver a crate to Sillefind


  1. A Mischievous Breeze<s> (60) - Collect 5 windblown pages

Telain Bangad


  1. Lembas for the Gates<s> (60) - Deliver lembas to Losdirith and Minathlang

Telain Glorelloth


  1. The Vintage of War<s> (60) - Fetch a special vintage from Glasnír at the Vinyards of Lothlórien and deliver it to Belvagor


  1. A Moment for Amroth<s> (60) - Look for Amroth from the boat dock at Imlad Lalaith
  2. A Flower for Nimrodel<s> (60) - Leave the flower for Nimrodel at her statue

Telain Neduil


  1. In Memory of the Lost<s> (60) - Bring the vengeance arrow to Núrelleth
  2. Upon the Lonely Bank<s> (60) - Place the vengeance arrow at the base of the lonely tree


The Company's Pavillion


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