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You must be at least level 20 to use the Skirmish system. When you reach level 20 you will receive mail. Read this, detach the letter, and read it to start Skirmishes -- Reporting In<s>. This will lead you to a Skirmish Captain and the Tutorial.

Just exactly what is a Skirmish? Well, it is an instance with specific objectives that can be launched from any of the Skirmish Camps or directly from the Skirmish window. They can be either Solo, Small Fellowship or full Fellowship.

Skirmishes have their own reward system and coin, called Skirmish Marks, which can be bartered for Armor, Weapon, Accessories, and other items, as well as Soldier Traits.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you defeat a Lieutenant or Captain of the Enemy, DO NOT FORGET to loot the body! Many additional marks will be found there!

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There is a ranking system, with caps depending on what expansions you own/have unlocked.

  • Default - rank 7
  • Mines of Moria - rank 15
  • Siege of Mirkwood - rank 25 (max)


Skirmish Marks

Skirmish Marks are the basic reward from all Skirmishes. You can barter them for gear fromthe Skirmish Vendors at any of the Skirmish Camps.

Cosmetic Marks

These are rewarded only in Skirmishes attempted by Solo and Small Fellowships (1-3 players), and can be redeemed for cosmetic items or bartered for additional Skirmish Marks.

The Campaign Marks are also redeemable for cosmetic items or bartered for Skirmish Marks, but they do not require small groups and come only from specific groups of skirmishes, mainly for completing encounters so you can get these even if you are unable to complete the entire mission.

Region Marks

The following marks are awarded for skirmishes in the specific region and can be redeemed for gear or bartered for Skirmish Marks.

Adversary Marks

In addition to Skirmimsh Marks you will also find Footman's Marks and Guardsman's Marks. These come in several different kinds and are worth serious coin to any vendor.

You will also find Bounty tokens. These are not Marks and have no Barter value but they do sell very well to any vendor.

Special Troops

Lieutenants of the Enemy

Some special, Signature, mobs will be encountered in every skirmish instance. Some of these have special abilities and require special tactics.

  • Blood-rook<s> - This monster becomes stronger the more allies he has around him. Sic your soldier on him, then kill his firends as fast as possible.
  • Death-monger<s> - something about not letting dead companions leave. i think while he is alive he will rez dead allies.

Elite Monsters

Some, but not all Skirmishes, will feature a few extra encounters that are not required to finish the Skirmish but will earn you a solid bonus if you can defeat it. When you are solo, these will be Elite, so that are not to be attempted lightly. You will know when you have found one when you see a message advising you that you hear a loud noise or a snuffling and a direction. Feel free to pass him by, though.


Within a Skirmish you can use your Soldier skill to summon a soldier that will assist you. Different Soldier Traits, that can be earned or bartered for, can give different abilities and roles to your soldier. If you are a healer, you may want a soldier that can tank, or if you are a fighter you may desire a soldier that can heal.

  • Archer - Ranged DPS
  • Sage - Ranged DPS & Support
  • Protector - Tank
  • Bannerguard - Support
  • Herbalist - Healer
  • Warrior - AoE Melee DPS


You cannot revive inside a Skirmish, but fear not! Retreat simply respawns you at the start-point of the skirmish. You will not be able to resummon your Soldier until the fight is over and you still have to heal up from your wounds, but you can jump right back into the battle. You do not receive a Revive cooldown, nor do you suffer loss of hope but you do feel the Shame of Defeat, lowering the amount of Skirmish Marks you receive. You will, of course, suffer damage to your gear for each death and that can get expensive real fast so try to stay alive, kk?

Skirmmish Camps

  • Bree-land - on the east side of town, just outside the gate to Staddle.
  • Trollshaws - in the west of Imladris (Rivendell), just north of the Guest House
  • Ered Luin - at the door to Thorin's Halls, on the same platform, on the east side
  • Angmar
  • Eregion
  • Evendim - Tinnudir
  • Forochel
  • Lone Lands - on the east side of Ost Guruth
  • Lothlorien
  • North Downs - just west of Esteldin
  • The Shire - north side of Brockenborings
  • The Twenty-first Hall


  1. Skirmishes -- Reporting In<s> (30) - BUGGED: Cannot be completed.
  2. Skirmishes -- Orders of War<s> (30) - Go kill Orc-kind that are not grey to you and find Orders.
  3. Skirmishes<s> (30) - Complete the Tutorial skirmishes.


In addition to the Level Range of the Skirmish and the Size of your party (or lack of one), Skirmishes can also be attempted at three Tiers of difficulty. The default is Tier I.

Skirmish NameMinimum
Siege of Gondamon<s>20-65Solo+ -- Defend the gates of Gondamon from the Dourhands.
Trouble in Tuckborough<s>20-65Solo+ -- Sharkey's Men have captured The Great Smials, retake it!
Stand at Amon Sul<s>25-65Solo+ -- Assist Candaith in defending Weathertop from The Enemy.
Tutorial: Thievery and Mischief30-65Solo38Skirmish MarksSecure three objectives within Bree
Tutorial: Defence of the Prancing Pony35-65Solo51Skirmish Marks totalDefend the Inn of the Prancing Pony from three waves of attackers
Ford of Bruinen40-65Solo+ -- Defeat the Enemy at the Ford of Bruinen
Survival - Barrow-downs<s>45-70Small Fellowship+ 120%
Strike Against Dannenglor60-70Solo+ Epic 2.9.4 or beyond
Protectors of Thangulhad60-70Solo+ Epic 2.9.14 or beyond
Assault of the Ringwraiths' Lair65-70Solo+107Skirmish MarksEpic 2.9.15 or beyond
Breaching the Necromancer's Gate65-70Solo+107Skirmish MarksEpic 2.9.15 or beyond
The Battle in the Tower<s>65-70Solo+ -- Epic 2.9.18 or beyond
Rescue in Nurz Ghashu<s>65-70Solo+ -- Epic 3.1.8 or beyond
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