Bree-land Introduction (LotRO Quest Series)  

Bree-land Introduction
Quest Series
Starting ZoneArchet (pre-instance)
Rec. Levels1 to 8
Next Shire
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Quest Series

Bree-land Introduction


Your new Hobbit will start inside the Took Post Office, in Green Hill Country, in The Shire. The first quest will start automatically the moment you arrive, but the first quest will take you to Archet to share the Man tutorial, "Bree-land Introduction".

  1. Instance: A Road Through the Dark (1)

After your brief encounter with the Black Rider on the Stock road, Amdir escorts you to Archet where he learns of the kidnapping of Celandine Brandybuck and Mundo Sackville-Baggins by the Blackwold bandits. He rescues them with the help of another Man (from the Man Tutorial) but he is wounded in the escape. Your story now joins the Man players for the Warning of Archet.


The Ranger, Strider, needs your help rescuing two Hobbits that have been captured by the Blackwold bandits, Celandine Brandybuck and Mundo Sackville-Baggins. Also, his fellow Ranger, Amdir, was sent in ahead but has not been heard from.

  1. Instance: Jail Break (1)
The rescue is successful but Amdir is wounded in the escape. Your story now joins with that of the Hobbit players for The Warning of Archet.

The Warning of Archet

Note: The Enedwaith expansion saw a re-write of much of this opening quest series.
StriderCelandine BrandybuckCaptain BrackenbrookCalder CobCal SprigleyJon Brackenbrook

  1. Intro: Strider's Charge<s> (1)
  2. Intro: Captain Brackenbrook (1)
  3. Intro: Honing Your Skills (2)
    • Your Class trainer will give you a small task to smack a training dummy with your new skill.
  4. Intro: Remedy of the Old Kings (3)
  5. Intro: The Interrogation<s> (3)
    • completion of the above quest unlocks quests from Celandine Brandybuck and Mundo Sackville-Baggins.
  6. Intro: Siege to the South<s> (3)
  7. Intro: A Plea for Aid<s> (4)
    • Accepting this quest unlocks a quest from Wil Wheatley
  8. Intro: The Exiled Hunter<s> (4)
  9. Intro: Into the Shadow (5)
  10. Intro: A Slender Hope<s> (5)
  11. Intro: The Storm is Upon Us<s> (5) - FINAL QUEST!!! Be sure you have completed all other quests in Archet!

After the instance for the above quest is complete, or if you chose to skip the tutorial, you will find yourself in the partially-destroyed Archet after you helped foil the assault. Speak to Jon again to complete your Tutorial. At this point, if you are a Hobbit you will find yourself in Little Delving. If you are a Man you will remain in damaged Archet.

Speak to Mundo, or Jon, to complete the tutorial.

Additional Quests in Archet Dale

The following quests are not a part of the Bree-land Introduction series but serve to help fill out your introduction.

Archet (Tutorial)

Celandine Brandybuck<s>

  1. Sweet Bilberry Tea<s> (4)
  2. A Gift for Amdir<s> (4)

Mundo Sackville-Baggins<s>

  1. A Very Empty Belly<s> (4)

unlocked when you accept Intro: A Plea for Help.
Wil Wheatley<s>

  1. The Courageous Farmhands<s> (4)

John Brackenbrook<s> - This is an introduction to the LotRO Store.

  1. A Little Extra Never Hurts -- Part 1<s> (5)
  2. A Little Extra Never Hurts -- Part 2<s> (1)

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