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The Town of Shrouded Gloam
Shrouded Gloam
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Another beautiful day comes to an end in Shrouded Glade. Everything is peaceful and calm like always... Or is it? The animals sense danger. Something is coming.

Stones filled with dark magic erupt from the ground... And darkness spreads throughout Shrouded Glade. Even the animals are changed, twisted into dangerous creatures. Then mechanical monsters arrive, but they want only one thing... To destroy!

Arch Druid Camellia gathers her druids and tells them to retreat. She alone will stay and guard the druid academy.

The Gloam Invasion has taken over Shrouded Glade, turning it into Shrouded Gloam! Help the Druids and Dwarves defeat General Drahk and all of his evil minions!



Queen Valerian inside the Sanctuary Royal Palace
You must read the full story from the Welcome Screen to receive this quest.

Captain Sunspark at the Shrouded Glade Warpstone
You'll have to choose between helping the Druids or the Dwarves.




Captain Sunspark at the Shrouded Gloam Wardstone
This will only be offered after you have completed both the Druid and Dwarf story arcs.



These battles are available at set times or intervals. They reward a chest that gives dwarf/druid armor, a housing item, a consumable that grants an illusion, coins, or a pet. The Construct Invasion and General Drahk fights occur every 15 minutes.

The remaining battles, the mini-bosses, respawn 15 minutes after the last mini boss was beat. Only one mini boss appears at a time, and they are found in one of three locations: the stairs to the north wing of the academy, the stairs to the south wing or near the greenhouses across from the south wing entrance.


SC Weapons


  • Arcadius
  • Harley


Housing Items


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