FR Quest:Defending the Glade  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Queen Valerian in Royal Palace.
Queen Valerian says,"I saw it in a dream... an army of mechanical monsters destroying everything in their path, but the dream came true!

My royal guard is already fighting this invasion, but I don't think they can do it alone. If you have the courage I need you to report to Captain Sunspark in Shrouded Glade as soon as possible! "

Queen Valerian is asking anyone with combat skills to report to the royal guard captain in Shrouded Glade to help fight back the invasion.
This is an Errand quest.

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Closing Dialogue

  • Captain Sunspark says, "Yes, more reinforcements! I'd love to tell you we've got things under control here, but it's only gotten worse since we arrived. There's also a... complication that I could use some help with."
  • Then, Captain Sunspark says, "Apparently a group of dwarves from Sunstone Valley arrived shortly before the attack, and the druids suspect they may be involved. The real problem is that both the druids and the dwarves could use your help, but since the two groups aren't getting along you'll have to pick one over the other."
    • If you choose to help the Druids, then you'll be offered the quest Backs Against the Wall.
    • If you choose to help the Dwarves, then you'll be offered the quest Trapped and Alone.
    • Whichever one you chose, you'll be able to complete the other one once you've finished the first set.

Shrouded Glade Invasion
Quest Series
Backs Against the Wall
Trapped and Alone
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