FR Quest:Bringing Our Brothers Home  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Adrian Treebreeze in Shrouded Gloam.
Adrian Treebreeze says,"Our scouts just reported back that druids are being corrupted out in the Glade!

Go investigate and save our brothers! I'll give you another Power Stone; use it to absorb their gloam energy and weaken them to store the corruption. "

Druids are being corrupted by Gloam energy in Shrouded Glade. The Druids of the Branch want you to investigate.

Return to the Branchlord if you lose your Power Stone.

This is a Combat quest.

  • Use the druid teleporter
  • Cleanse Corrupted Druids - 0/4
  • Use the druid teleporter
  • Return to the Branchlord
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The Power Stone ability is tied to your #3 key. Press it when you get near a Corrupted Druid to advance the quest.

Closing Dialogue

Adrian Treebreeze says, "Great success, *Character Name*! Thank you for saving our brethren, but alas, our work is not done. We must continue with the cleansing, then we can deal with the larger threat."

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