FR Quest:Essssspionage  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Headmaster Merk in Shrouded Gloam.
Headmaster Merk says,"This Tainted Gear you found makes me believe the Dwarves are behind the invasion, but I need more evidence before we can react.

Speak with the Venomlord Breinne Ultrafang, leader of the Druids of the Viper, she can get you into the Dwarven camp undetected. "

Headmaster Merk believes the Dwarves are behind the invasion of Shrouded Glade, but he needs more proof. Speak with the Venomlord to find a way to sneak into the dwarven camp and search for clues.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Speak with the Venomlord
  • Search the Dwarven Supply Crates for clues - 0/3
  • Return to the Venomlord
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The snake illusion will last for 90 seconds.

Closing Dialogue

  • Brienne Ultrafang says, "My little serpents tell me that you'll be our agent to pin this invasion on those greasy Dwarves. We, Druids of the Viper, are masters of stealth and deception. Use this Serpent Form to infiltrate the Dwarf camp and search their Dwarven Supply Crates."
  • After searching the crates, Brienne Ultrafang says, "*Hisssss* Not a shed of evidence!? Let me see what you found... All useless! Those gear headed dwarves couldn't hide evidence if they wanted to! We'll get the information we need."

Fortify Our Defenses Shrouded Glade Invasion
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Slithering Agents
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