FR Quest:A Tree for the Ages  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Headmaster Merk in Shrouded Gloam.
Headmaster Merk says,"It can't be... The Gloam!?

We can't allow more of their forces into the glade. We'll need to use our last Barrier Tree and plant it near the bridge to cut off their reinforcements.

Speak with the Venomlord, she can help you to get up to the bridge undetected. "

Headmaster Merk has run out of options. He needs you to set up a barrier around the bridge to the north to prevent the gloam letting more forces into the glade.
This is a Combat quest.

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Closing Dialogue

  • Brienne Ultrafang says, "You've been a valuable viper to us, *Character Name*, and we have another mission for you. It's my job to ensure that you make it up to the Bridge. Use this Serpent Form to sneak through the glade and up to the bridge behind the academy. My Lieutenant will meet you there."
  • Viper Lieutenant says, "Nice to see you made it safely, *Character Name*. Our druids are prepped and ready for action. They'll be pouring their last bit of nature energy into the Barrier Tree to speed up its growth. We'll need your help defending incase the Gloam show up."
  • After the battle, Viper Lieutenant says, "Whew! What a rush! You did great, *Character Name*. Now that our power is returning to us in this area, we were able to set up a teleporter to get you back to camp easily. You can use this as often as you'd like."
  • Headmaster Merk says, "You've done it, *Character Name*! The bridge is safe and now we've cut off the Gloam from Sunstone Valley. We've discovered that cleansing our lands of the Gloam is slowly returning our natural powers. Time to use this to our advantage and start taking back our home!"

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