FR Quest:The Taste of Truth  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Brienne Ultrafang in Shrouded Gloam.
Brienne Ultrafang says,"*Character Name*, my serpents have managed to get their hands on a Dwarven Captive, and since you've been such a great help to us, I'll let you personally extract the information from him.

Visit the alchemist Apprentice Bubbles and get the information out of the Dwarf by any means necessary. "

Speak with Alchemist Bubbles and create the Potion of Truth for the Dwarf Captive.
This is an Errand quest.

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  • Pick one flower at a time and then put it in the cauldron.
  • The correct order in which to pick the flowers is: orange, yellow, red, then purple.

Closing Dialogue

  • Apprentice Bubbles says, "With the Head Alchemist out fighting the Gloam, I'll be handling potion duty! I'm pretty sure these flowers are what we need to make the Potion of Truth... I think so at least... Add them to the cauldron in the right order to make the potion."
  • Dwarven Captive says, "What's this? A drink for a parched captive? If I wasn't cravin' drink I'd think twice about chuggin' it. Give it here!"
  • After drinking, Dwarven Captive says, "We were trying to get home and bring back supplies to fight against the gloam. Now we can't, they're holding the bridge! Gloam forces keep coming in and we're out of options to keep them from Sunstone Valley!"
  • Apprentice Bubbles says, "Success! You got the information we needed! But the potion made him sick you say? That can't be right, the serum is supposed to be pure! I guess none of the flowers were correct... Lets keep this little blunder between you and me, what do you say?"
  • Brienne Ultrafang says, "Wait, you're telling me the Dwarves AREN'T behind this!? Suspicious... I still don't trust them, but if the Gloam are using that bridge as an access pointto the Glade our problems might be even worse than we thought. Report to Headmaster Merk, quickly."
  • Headmaster Merk says, "What's the situation, *Character Name*? Tell me everything you've discovered and don't leave out any details."

Slithering Agents Shrouded Glade Invasion
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