FR Quest:Testing the Freewheeler Cannon  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Golmie Greasebeard in Shrouded Gloam.
Golmie Greasebeard says,"With all of these parts you brought back, I was able to put together a mini weapon prototype. I need you to test the Freewheeler Cannon. Report back to me when you're done."
Test the Freewheeler Cannon on various Gloam opponents. If you need the prototype recharged talk to Golmie Greasebeard.
This is a Combat quest.

  • Test on Lesser Gloam Constructs - 0/3 (Use the Mini Cannon [1] ability.)
  • Test the WMD on 3 Gloam Constructs
  • Test the WMD on a Gloamstone
  • Report back to Golmie Greasebeard
  • Use the teleport
  • Speak to Gus Geargrinder
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Golmie Greasebeard says, "I've recharged the prototype for you. Come back again if it loses its charge - and take care of my baby while you're gone!"

Using the Mini Cannon ability causes a small dwarven tech cannon to drop. It fires at the enemy dealing a lot of damage and then self-destructs.

Upon reporting back, he says, "Good to hear the prototype cannon works agains our stony foes. I may need to work out the self-destructing issue...

Take this report back to Gus, he'll know what to do with the cannon."

Gus Geargrinder says, "Good to hear that Golmie's weapon will be useful enough for us to really make these walking piles of rocks pay."

Taking Back Our Tech Shrouded Glade Invasion
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