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What is Farming?

Farming in Free Realms is like you would think of gardening in real life: clearing the land, planting the seeds, caring for the plants as they grow, harvesting the crops, and collecting plant samples to use for their seeds.

How is this different from Harvesting for the Chef job?

Harvesting uses crops that you can harvest everywhere in the world itself.

Farming is an entire group of activities that your character performs on his own farm. More on each activity later.

How do I start?

The farming update was installed in the game on April 8, 2011. The first time your character enters Free Realms after this update, you will be given a free Wilds Farm. You can enter your new lot through the Housing Browser on your User Interface. However, this lot is not like the housing lots: you can't place housing items on this lot.

Also on your first entrance into the game after the update, a new quest will automatically be started: Meet Farmer Chug!. You will find him waiting for you on your farm lot.

Your Farm Lot

Whether it's the one you receive for free, or one that you purchase from the Marketplace or Coin Shop, each farm comes with some basic equipment on it: a Tool Shed that stores all of the different tools that you'll need to run your farm; a Well to use to fill up your watering can; a Farm-O-Matic that's used to change plant samples into seeds; a Farmer's Market Cart which you'll use to sell your crops.

Farm Level Plots Seeds Tools
Level 1 3 Briarapple
Fertilizer Dispenser
Miracle Sprayer
Watering Can
Level 2 4
Level 3 5 Snowberry Shovel
Level 4 6
Level 5 7 Rainleaf Fungus Sprayer
Level 6 8 Axe
Level 7 9 Gummyfruit Bug Sprayer
Level 8 10 Gumdrop Pickaxe
Level 9 12 Starnut
Level 10 14 Starmint Watering Bucket
Level 11 16 Stickfruit
Level 12 18 Honeytwig Tiller
Level 13 21 Chugaroot
Level 14 24 Stainberry Chainsaw
Level 15 27 Moonbean
Level 16 31 Jellybean
Level 17 35 Briarmelon Dynamite
Level 18 39 Winter Melon
Level 19 44 Sunleaf
Level 20 50 Rainbowleaf Ultra Soaker


Farming is made up of a whole bunch of different activities that you perform.

Clearing Land

To be able to plant anything, you'll have to first make room for it. There's Weeds, Small, Medium, and Large Rocks, and Small and Large Trees in your way.

Preparing Soil

You will have to purchase plots of Basic Topsoil in the Coin Shop. Then enter Planning Mode (farming's version of housing's Decorating Mode) and place the soil plots on any land that's been cleared. Each plot can only be used once, so you must purchase a new plot for each new plant.

Planting Seeds

Click on a plot of soil and the Seed Browser pops up, showing you what seeds you have available to choose from. Click on your seed of choice and it's planted in that soil plot. The Seed Bag Tool lets you continue planting the same type of seed without having to re-choose and the Scythe Tool lets you remove a seed that you planted in error. You can make your own seeds (described later) or purchase Seed Packs in the Marketplace.

Watering Crops

When first planted, and any other time the Watering Can Icon appears over a plant, you will need to water it. Click on your Tool Shed and choose the Watering Can, that will put you into Tool Mode. Next click on your Well to fill the can with water for 3 uses, then go back and click on the plants. You'll gain the use of the Watering Bucket at Level 10, which holds enough water for 10 plants, then the Ultra Soaker at Level 20, which will water 20. You can also purchase a Sprinkler in the Marketplace.

Caring for Plants

If a plant does Wither because of damage, you can purchase Miracle Grow in the Marketplace, to use in the Miracle Sprayer, and restore it to full health. You can also cut the growth time in half, by purchasing Fertilizer in the Marketplace, and using it in the Fertilizer Dispenser.

Fending Off Varmints

Every once in a while, you'll see a variety of animals appear and try to eat your crops. Depending on which farm you're on, it could be birds, groundhogs, rabbits, frogs, or snakes. Click on each one of them to scare them away, using the Scare emote. To help you out, you can purchase a Scarecrow in the Marketplace.

Harvesting Plants

Each seed has its own growth time. If you hover over a plant, you can tell how much time is left before you can harvest. Once it's mature, click on the plant to harvest it and you'll get 5 of that plant added to your inventory. The number of plants may be less than 5 if it's been damaged in any way (by pests, fungus, withering, etc) while growing.

Tilling the Soil

Once a plant is harvested, the soil plot must be "raked over" before it can be used again. Just click on the used plot and your character will bend over and till it under. When your farm reaches Level 12, you'll be able to use the Tiller to help you out. It will till the used plot and replace it with a new one, all in one step.

Searching for Plant Samples

All of the plant samples that you need to use to create free seeds are located in random spawn spots around The Wilds. Just like the Robgoblin Junkpiles and Wild Flowers, their timing is random but they respawn in the same vicinity. There are some samples located in the towns, but they are not as plentiful. The exception is Briarapple, which can only be found in the Bristlewood and Nettleseed sections of Briarwood. All samples can now be collected from the overworld farms as well as the original sample patches. Overworld farms grant 3 samples per plant. Queensfields: Gummyfruit, Rainleaf, Bumbleberry Chugaroot Farm: Gummyfruit, Rainleaf, Chugaroot Perry's Pasture: Snowberry, Spiralmint, Starnut Lakeshore Fields: Gummyfruit, Sunleaf, Rainleaf Farnum's Farm: Stickfruit, Wildroot, Spiralmint Brambleback Farm: Briarapple, Briarmelon, Moonbean

Creating Seeds and Hybrids

The Farm-O-Matic takes the plant samples that you collect and converts them into seeds for you. Each sample generates its own specific number of seeds. As you level up, you'll be able to insert 2 seeds at a time and (hopefully) create a hybrid seed.

Selling Crops

You can sell the crops you grow through the Farmer's Market. Different chefs from around Sacred Grove are looking for fresh produce and are willing to give you coin and other prizes for your crops. Each type of farm has it's own market.


Farmer Chug will appear on your Wilds Farm, with his pet pig Wilbur. He starts you off with a few tutorial quests, then there's more as you reach certain levels.

On the Briarwood Farm, it's Reginald, a vegetarian Shambler, that has the quests for you. It's recommended that you do (at least) the tutorial quests on the Wilds Farm first.

Each farm's page has a list of the quests available on that particular farm.

Landscaping Your Farm

You will have a well, tool shed, Farm-O-Matic, and Farmer's Market Cart placed on your farm lot, as well as some obstacles to your farming. When you are in Planning Mode, you can move these 4 items to any location on the farm, as long as there's no obstruction preventing the placement. Where the weeds, rocks, and trees appear is random on each farm. Removing these obstacles will earn you rewards, ranging from coins to clothing.


Click on a weed to pull it and clear the land for planting. Possible reward for removal: 1-20 coins, a clothing item.


There's 3 different rock sizes, and each size requires a different set of tools to deal with them. The small group of rocks can be cleared at Level 3, with the use of the Shovel. Medium rocks will need to wait until Level 8, when you can use the Pickaxe to break them up into small rocks. You won't be able to remove the largest rocks until Level 17, because you will need to purchase and use the Dynamite from the Coin Shop, which will blow them apart into small rocks. Depending on size, possible reward for removal: 10-140 coins, a clothing item.


At Level 6, you can cut down the smaller trees using the Axe, while the larger trees will have to wait until Level 14 so you can use the Chainsaw. You will also need to purchase Chainsaw Fuel for it, from the Coin Shop. After cutting down either size tree, you will need to use the Shovel to dig out the stump. Again, the possible reward depends on which size: 10-140 coins, a clothing item.

Unwanted Pests

There are several different kinds of problems you'll run into while taking care of your farm. You'll have to figure out a way to get rid of them all if you want your plants to be healthy (for you to get 5 plants when you harvest).

A note of caution: while you are able to use the "X" key to choose a pest, rather than hovering over them with the mouse pointer, it is not recommended unless you also are viewing the X-key Pop-up. Without being able to see the pop-up, you won't be able to tell exactly what item will be chosen by the "X" key. So it's possible that if you happen to have a Withered Plant, clicking the "X" will harvest that plant instead of choosing a pest.


A number of animals will try to eat your seeds and plants: gophers, rabbits, ravens, pigeons, frogs, and snakes. No matter what type, just click on each one to Scare it away. Scarecrows can help you out with this task and cover a generous area.

Mold and Fungus

You'll see a little cloud of spores around your plant during these attacks. Just grab your Fungus Sprayer from the tool shed and click on each affected plant. You will have to purchase Fungus Killer from the Coin Shop to use in the sprayer.

Aphids and Locusts

It's a good thing that your tool shed comes equipped with a Bug Sprayer, so you can kill these creepy-crawlies. The sprayer requires Bug Repellent from the Coin Shop.

The Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market is how you sell all of the crops that you're growing. You get to it by clicking on the cart that's on your farm. It's actually a bunch of different minigames. You start off with having 2 Chefs to choose from, each one asking for different crops, and as you level up your farm, more choices become available.

Each farm's page has a list of the markets available on that particular farm.

Locating the Plant Samples

Farmer Chug has a cousin named Farmer Wug, who is willing to help you out with locations for some of the plants. He tells you about 3 different patches, one for each of the level 1 plants, and to look for the teleportation spots on your map. When you pick up plants from these patches, you will only receive 1 sample. However, you will get 3 samples when you come across these, or any of the plants, anywhere else in Sacred Grove (mainly in The Wilds).

The samples have icons over them, identifying which type they are. You can also locate them on your mini-map. Each sample appears as a purple dot. Blackspore is the only place with no known samples.

Plant Location Hint Seed Yield Time to Maturity Stars Earned
Briarapple In Briarwood 2 6 hours 85
Briarmelon Near dirt, grass, and valleys 2 45 minutes 44
Bumbleberry Near flowers 3 5 minutes 30
Chugaroot Near waterfalls or Chugawug camps 1 16 hours 99
Gummyfruit Near boulders or dirt roads 2 2 hours 56
Moonbean Near dark areas, dirt patches, and more often at night 2 4 hours 63
Rainleaf Near water 1 8 hours 80
Snowberry Near trees 1 1 day 122
Spiralmint Near grass or open fields 3 15 minutes 34
Starnut Near tall places 1 2 days 136
Stickfruit Near pet parks or fallen logs 3 30 minutes 39
Sunleaf Near edges of lakes 1 20 hours 110
Wildroot Near roots of large trees 2 1 hour 50

Hybrid Seeds

As you level up and find different types of plant samples, you can try to combine them in your Farm-O-Matic and make a new hybrid seed. Don't bother inserting 2 of the same plant, you'll just get the same number of seeds that you would if you put 2 samples in slot #1. As Farmer Chug tells you in a quest, "Mixin' somethin' with a Wildroot plant will always give you somethin' random! Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's just junk."

Resulting Seed Need 1 of Each Sample Seed Yield Time to Maturity Stars Earned
Gumdrop Gummyfruit Rainleaf 2 45 minutes 66
Honeytwig Bumbleberry Stickfruit 3 15 minutes 51
Jellybean Gummyfruit Moonbean 2 2 hours 84
Rainbowleaf Rainleaf Sunleaf 2 4 hours 95
Stainberry Chugaroot Snowberry 1 20 hours 165
Starmint Spiralmint Starnut 1 16 hours 149
Winter Melon Briarmelon Snowberry 2 6 hours 107

Marketplace and Coin Shop Items

Free Realms

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