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Crop Duster
You'll never have to water by hand again when the Crop Duster flys by! Use the Crop Duster to easily tackle any task on your farm!

Cannot Sell
Cannot Trade

This item can only be placed on Farms.

This item is only available in the Marketplace.


Scare Pests - Order your Crop Duster to scare pests from your farm for 100 coins.

Spray Bug Repellent - Order your Crop Duster to clear your farm of bugs for 250 coins.

Spray Water - Order your Crop Duster to soak your crops in thirst quenching water for 500 coins.

Spray Fungus Killer - Order your Crop Duster to cure any fungus outbreaks on your farm for 750 coins.

Spray Miracle Grow - Order your Crop Duster to revive all withered or damaged crops on your farm for 2,500 coins.

Spray Fertilizer - Order your Crop Duster to fertilize your crops, making them grow 100% faster for 10, 000 coins.

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