FR House Item (Help)  

If you need to add in information for a house item, or edit the existing information, click the "Edit" button on the item page.

  • For editing new house items, you can either use the template below for guidance, or free-style in the information that you do know and we can fix it up later!

  • For editing existing house items, use the template and parameters below to see what category your information falls under, and add it to that line. If it falls under nothing that you see below, you can free-style it into the bottom of the edit page. For example:
    • I am adding in the selling value of the house item. I look for the line that says |value=, and after the equal sign, I add in the number 73. So now it should say |value=73.
    • I want to add in that this house item is from a monthly reward pack, but I don't see anywhere to do so! At the very bottom of the page, I'll add my own line after the template and write in This item was rewarded from the MadeUp Month Reward Pack.

  • Now that you've made your changes, regardless of which method you have used, click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page and you're all set!


{{FR House Item

You can see a list of ALL available tint names for the tints= field at Colors.

A full list of available house item types can be found at House Items.


For a full list of all parameters, see FR House Item.


The color of the name as it appears in-game indicates the quality, or tier, of the item. This field can be White, Green, Blue or Orange, or the first letter of the color name. Any color that does not match a valid name defaults to White. Calls FR Color Scheme for the color code.

(switch) If not blank, membership is required.


Description text on the item, if available.


If defined, this is the name of a page in Category:Item Icons. If this is defined, then the Portrait would be the first image attached to the current page.


Purchase Cost, in coins, if applicable.


Purchase Cost, in Station Cash, if applicable.


Sell Value, in coins, if applicable.


The type of house item, such as lamp, rug, knick knack, or painting. For the full list of valid types, see House Items.


If answered with y or yes, this item is not sellable.


If answered with y or yes, this item is not tradable.


(comma list) A list of the tints this item is available in. Max colors, at this time, is 9. Anything past the 9th comma will be ignored! A display of ALL available tints may be seen at Colors.


(comma list) A list of mobs that are known to sell this item. This list is, by no means, exhaustive. This is a comma-delimited list, so be sure to put commas between the mob names if there is more than one!

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