fr quest:Farming: He Told You So  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Reginald in Briarwood Farm.
Reginald says,"! Our best laid plans... foiled! After you hosed those shamblers down, they simply moved on to another farm nearby... it's practically demolished!

Please, return to Landon; Hopefully he can help us! "

Ask Landon in Blackspore for help
This is an Errand quest.

Stars 20 
  • Speak to Landon
  • Collect Strangleroot - 0/3
  • Collect Bogwart - 0/3
  • Collect Grave Blossom - 0/3
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Closing Dialogue

Landon says, "I said you'd be back, didn't I? I figured it wouldn't work the way Reginald wanted. I do have an idea on how to fix it, but I'll need some ingredients.

Here's a list; bring me what I need."

Landon says, "Yes, these will do. Now, let's see how we'll administer these, shall we?"

Farming: You'll Need a Cold Shower Briarwood Farm
Quest Series
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