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To Start: Speak to Farmer Chug in Wilds Farm.
Farmer Chug says,"Have you noticed that funny lookin' contraption on your farm? Well it's called a Farm-O-Matic, and if you put some plant samples into it you'll get back seeds! Try it with some Bumbleberry and Wildroot samples."
Farmer Chug wants you to use the Farm-O-Matic to convert Bumbleberry and Wildroot plant samples into seeds.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 90 Stars 20 
  • Click on the Farm-O-Matic
  • Convert Bumbleberry Samples into Seeds
  • Convert Wildroot Samples into Seeds
  • Return to Farmer Chug
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Closing Dialogue

Farmer Chug says, "Look at those seeds! You've got enough to plant a whole mess of crops now."

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