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To Start: Speak to Farmer Chug in Wilds Farm.
Farmer Chug says,"Hidy-hoe neighbor! Did'ja know that there's more to farmin' than just workin' on your farm?

Crops you can grow on your farm also grow in The Wilds. If you can find these crops you can collect samples from them and bring them back to your farm. Then ya' just toss the sample in the Farm-O-Matic, and it'll turn it into seeds.

See if ya' can't find 8 Snowberry Samples, and them bring 'em back here. "

Find a Snowberry Plant growing in the wild and bring 8 samples back to your farm.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Stars 20 
  • Gather 8 Snowberry Samples. - 0/8
  • Return to Farmer Chug.
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Closing Dialogue

When you accept the quest, Farmer Chug says, "Snowberries grow all over the place in The Wilds, but they usually like to grow in the shade near trees. That's about all I can tell you; the rest is up to you. Happy huntin'."

Later, Farmer Chug says, "Wow! You found these in no time! I gotta say I'm impressed. Well whenever you wanna start growin' some Snowberries, just drop these samples into your Farm-O-Matic and you should be good to go. I'mma head back to my farm. It's about time I fed Wilbur. See ya' later neighbor!"

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