fr quest:Farming: Convert the Heathens  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Reginald in Briarwood Farm.
Reginald says,"My goodness, do you see the possibilities for this type of fare? We could convince all those mindless bretheren of mine to become vegetarians!

One they get a taste of your wonderful produce, they'll be convinced! I know a perfect dish to whip up! "

Reginald has a perfect dish in mind to give to his fellow shamblers. It's sure to bring them over to the vegetarian's side!
This is an Errand quest.

Stars 20 
  • Complete Simone's Shopping List
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Closing Dialogue

Reginald says, "I-I don't understand...they hated it. They just said "mmmmoooaarrrn." What does that even mean?

There must be a way to get them to like fresh fruit and vegetables!"

Farming: Shambler Madness! Briarwood Farm
Quest Series
Farming: Driven Mad Enough
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